Info Gathering Tactics

You know when there is something going on in your grade and people don’t let you know and you wanna find out real bad. And sometimes you might actually have to ask the people involved in it, in order to find out. Here are some ways to ask them politely or nicely.

Start off nice

When trying to find out something from someone, the most logic thing is to start off nice. Begin your conversation with a warm welcome and the introduction and then you get to the point after that. Take too long to get to your point and you might forget about it.

Be on their side

Usually when trying to find out something people would also tend to be slamming the table and making loud noises and screaming. But try the opposite of that. Pretend to be on their side and stuff and then sooner or later they are gonna be spitting it all out like vomit.

No big deal

This is a common trick that many people fall for. To find out the truth about someone or from someone, the person would act like they don’t care.Then soon the other person would spill it out due to frustration, bragging reasons or trying to impress you.

Get help

When trying to find something out, it is advisable to try to get help. It could be from one of your friends or one of their friends. 2 people makes the job easier right?


If you wanna know that bad, then threatening is not such a bad idea then. Threaten them that if they don’t tell the real truth then you would blurt out rumors about this or threaten of exposure.


Relationship after math

We all know what happens when a relationship ends. the misery part but this is about dealing with that part of a relationship. No body likes that part and it can be the reason people would stop dating. Here are how some people would grieve to this.

Shock or disbelief

On a normal basis people would be shock if they just got dumped. If they really liked the other person and they heard this news they would be in a state of shock or disbelief. They would be speechless and probably with their mouth open.

Be alone

When this happen people would usually wanna be alone so they can deal with it by themselves. This is good sometimes but other times being alone is actually not a good thing and can cause more problems or grief to them.

Jumps right into a new one

It’s common for people to instantly jump into another relationship after they just ended one. That person would do this so they could fill in the gap with a new person but this isn’t a good idea because that person will definitely be your rebound and they wouldn’t like that and also you need to let your body heal from the old wound.

Acts strange

It’s not uncommon for people to talk differently or act differently after a break up. They would either do this to pretend that they aren’t hurt or they are too hurt to act normal. By acting differently I mean speaking unclear and saying things that don’t make sense or is logical and acting differently is like being weird around other people.

Hold the pain in or just let it out

When a person goes through a break up, they could either hold the pain in them and release it out at the worst moment possible or just have a break down and just let it all out the moment this happens. Both ways aren’t bad and they are kind of good somehow but in my opinion the second one is better since if you break down at a bad moment then it could cause other issues.

Winning a girls heart

When you try to win a girl’s heart you can find it to be a bit difficult than you would expect it to be. You probably won’t know how to actually do it and would probably feel nervous about it too. I am here to provide information for this.

Be hygienic

Women would take pride in a clean and hygienic person. When you are smelly and don’t have good hygiene then the girl probably won’t want to go near you or even talk to you. This could ruin your chances with that girl. Also having fresh clean hair might be a a good thing.

Prove your love

Don’t just show the other person you have a crush on her. Ask that person about themselves and share some stuff together. Don’t try to move too fast. Be patient.

No games

‘When you are trying to get a girl into a serious relationship, playing games isn’t such a good idea. If you are trying to build the relationship on something false then expect the relationship you are having to also be false and also not gonna last long.

Be a cool/great guy

If that person has been with many great guys or girls then you just have to be a great guy too. When going to a party and you meet someone that you think is cooler than you then that means you are lacking that trait. So you must go work on that specific trait so you can get better and be the better man.

Emotion cloudiness

When you feel like your chances of getting her are slipping and feel like giving up then don’t get reckless with it. If you are the kind of guy that just because of their heart and end up confessing their love to the partner. Don’t be that guy. You must also be aware of entering the friend zone because once in the friend zone then you cannot or have trouble leaving the friend zone.

The relationship climax

When in a relationship the most exciting part to people is gonna be the part when one of them says this sentence or phrase to the other “I love you”. If said too early then the other person might freak out and leave but if said too late then they might end up leaving you. Obviously this doesn’t apply to teens under 15 because when under 15 they usually say it at the way beginning and it wont ‘t be a problem. But what if you wanna say the “I love you” in a unique way? Well I got just the trick.

  1. Using quotes
  2. Poetry
  3.  Making fairy tales come true
  4. Take her on a trip
  5. Leaving a note
  6. Massage them
  7. Take them out to a nice dinner
  8. Hang out somewhere
  9. Gifts
  10. Serve with style
  11. Tease them
  12. Do something cheerfully where you would normally have a habit of whining and making his life miserable.
  13. Play footsies under the table
  14. Place signs on the side of the road then drive across them with your partner.
  15. Listen to their heart
  16. Paint the words on the food you are about to give her/him
  17. Physical gestures
  18. Make it to a little game
  19. Sing or lip sing her/him a sing that has the phrase in it
  20. Make a collage or presentations


The commitment

When you have past one of the hardest stages of a relationship you should just have to worry more about the commitment chapter of things. These stages are the development +commitment and establishment stages. And don’t worry because things don’t usually go wrong on this stage often at all. The only way this stage could go wrong is you guys skipping every other stage or rushing or just you guys are horrible idiots.

The development and commitment/establishment stage

  1. Accept and celebrate the differences
  2. Listen carefully
  3. Let time sink in
  4. Develop communication skills
  5. Be more trustworthy
  6. Develop empathy
  7. Learn to give and receive feedback
  8. Understand fears that drive your reaction and behavior
  9. Make sure your fantasies are realistic
  10. Be willing to take responsibility
  11. Developing self-awareness
  12. Mutual respect
  13. Welcome in diversity
  14. Identify the relationship needs
  15. Make time for your relationship
  16. Make an organized schedule
  17. Focus on developing your social intelligence
  18. Appreciate your partner
  19. Be thankful every minute of your life with your partner
  20. Be sure to make boundaries
  21. Don’t try gossiping just because you like it
  22. Having the mindset of having a long term relationship
  23. Focus on self-development
  24. Focus on the giving part rather than the receiving part
  25. Focus on the mind set that these are people (complicated one)
  26. Make intentional actions
  27. Step in without being asked
  28. Answer questions that are not being asked
  29. Prove they think of others
  30. Know when to call back
  31. Realize when a partner acted poorly
  32. Value the message you receive
  33. Start off small and work your way to big
  34. Avoid having baggage with your partner (Baggage is past experience or past issue that you still hold on to)
  35. Spending time together is great and all but limit the times and not always spending rime together because you will get bored of each other
  36. Maintain your own identity
  37. Ignore the assumptions
  38. See them for who they really are
  39. Get comfortable when being alone
  40. Embrace ordinariness
  41. Have an open heart and an open mind
  42. Let go of your expectations
  43. Don’t get jealous
  44. Concentrate on the present to make a better future
  45. Don’t distort
  46. Share your power
  47. Find simple and common goals
  48. Understand the anger and the differences you have
  49. Focus on the things that are fixable
  50. Accept problems that can’t be solved




Attraction and Romance Stage

In a relationship there are typically 5 stages to the whole thing. There are the Attraction and romance, reality makes an appearance, opinions/disturbance, formation, and commitment/engagement.  The main topic today will be about the first stage, The Attraction and Romance.

Attraction And Romance

This is the first part of all of a relationship, the build up of a relationship, the stage that gets a relationship started.First thing here is to find your partner and after you have done that you would proceed to the next stage.

Usually the stage of attraction you would try to show your partner that you are interested. Kind of similar to showing affection but not quite. Here is where you try to tease you partner and try to get close with them. You would listen to whatever they have to say and maybe ask for some advice on other things.

You would communicate with them a lot more than before you used to do. You would first try to build up a friendship with them. After a while you would want to change that friendship into something else, a relationship. You would ask her out and hangout together, but make sure that your partner know that you guys aren’t just hanging as friends.

After you partner would have an idea that you are interested they have 2 options. Either they would want to end all of that on the first date and just become friends again or they would go along with you.
Also another important thing is to not say ‘I love you’ on the first date. It would not only make things awkward but also make the girl freakout, but there are some cases where the girl would say it back but there isn’t a high guarantee chance for that to happen and you wouldn’t wanna risk it.


20 Things Never To Mention Or Say On The First Date

Usually on the first date with a girl, a person’s goal is probably to be abbe to make it into more than one date, meaning you would want a second date. There are many ways you can make the first date go wrong. So here are 20 things you should never say or mention in the first date.

  1. “I’ve actually never been in a serious or long-term relationship.”
  2. “I hate labels like girlfriends”
  3. “I’d love to see you in a dress next time”
  4. “Actually, I still live with my ex”
  5. “I don’t have any hobbies”
  6. “I am unemployed”
  7. “I am living with my parents so I can save some extra money”
  8. “I am still friends with my ex”
  9. “Sorry, I’m just down in the dumps lately”
  10. Complaining about your bills or problems
  11. “I play a lot of video games at home”
  12. Being racists
  13. Talk about family issues
  14. “You’re older than I thought you were”
  15. “Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’?”
  16. “I am [age], not [age they thought you were]. But I am really fit though.
  17. “Let’s take this party to your place”
  18. “Can you believe they arrested me for [a good enough reason], crazy right”
  19. “My ex still lives with me but he won’t be an issue.”
  20. “I am depressed”