The relationship climax

When in a relationship the most exciting part to people is gonna be the part when one of them says this sentence or phrase to the other “I love you”. If said too early then the other person might freak out and leave but if said too late then they might end up leaving you. Obviously this doesn’t apply to teens under 15 because when under 15 they usually say it at the way beginning and it wont ‘t be a problem. But what if you wanna say the “I love you” in a unique way? Well I got just the trick.

  1. Using quotes
  2. Poetry
  3.  Making fairy tales come true
  4. Take her on a trip
  5. Leaving a note
  6. Massage them
  7. Take them out to a nice dinner
  8. Hang out somewhere
  9. Gifts
  10. Serve with style
  11. Tease them
  12. Do something cheerfully where you would normally have a habit of whining and making his life miserable.
  13. Play footsies under the table
  14. Place signs on the side of the road then drive across them with your partner.
  15. Listen to their heart
  16. Paint the words on the food you are about to give her/him
  17. Physical gestures
  18. Make it to a little game
  19. Sing or lip sing her/him a sing that has the phrase in it
  20. Make a collage or presentations



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