Want A Long Relationship?

The one goal you have when you are in a relationship is to make it turn into a long term relationship. That is difficult to do but like a quote I have heard “It’s hard to get to the top but it’s even harder to maintain it.” Let me explain that quote in this situation, it is hard for you to get into that relationship but to keep hold of it is even harder than that. Let’s get into the top 5 ways of doing this.

1. Be honest and ready for commitment.

When being in a relationship you must be honest because being dishonest can lead to arguments that can lead to bad things that would affect the relationship. Also if one of the be honest.jpgpartner isn’t ready for commitment then maybe being in a relationship is a bad idea and both of you won’t be happy.




2.  Making them feel needed/loved.

Usually one of the things that could end a relationship would be one of the partners make theneediness.jpg other one not feel needed or loved. Well this will be fixed because you must involve them in a lot of things, make them feel like you want them around. But too much neediness can be a problem as to the partner getting annoyed, so just keep it to a medium.


3.  Choose arguments wisely.

Let me explain what this might mean because some people might not understand. When couples are together a long time whether they move in together or not they tend to feel like the same person. The love between you 2 will take over many otherwisely chosose.jpg things in life.

So you must be ready to pick out what to argue with your partner. You might have arguments but will you have an argument about something not that important like maybe leaving the jar of peanut butter out. No of course not so you must choose what to talk about and what not to talk about. One wrong choice can cause a big issue.

4.  Make time and forgiveness.

When in a relationship you MUST have forgiveness and also you must always make time for her/him. If forgiveness isn’t your kind of thing then maybe go get help because that is gonna really be needed when in a relationship because your partner is probably gonna make some mistakes that takes gut to forgiforgive.jpgve.

Another important thing is to make time for your partner. Making time for your partner is needed so that you won’t loose that person because if think he/she is a keeper then treat them like one.


5. Choosing the right person.

The most important thing of all to make a long lasting relationship is to just choose the right person. Obviously it’s impossible to find ‘the one’, but with just a little luck and A LOT of experience in dating, you will find your ‘the one’ because no matter what is wrong with you there are women in the world that are perfect for you. Never lose hope in love because you will find the right woman/man soon.right eprson.jpg




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