Attraction and Romance Stage

In a relationship there are typically 5 stages to the whole thing. There are the Attraction and romance, reality makes an appearance, opinions/disturbance, formation, and commitment/engagement.  The main topic today will be about the first stage, The Attraction and Romance.

Attraction And Romance

This is the first part of all of a relationship, the build up of a relationship, the stage that gets a relationship started.First thing here is to find your partner and after you have done that you would proceed to the next stage.

Usually the stage of attraction you would try to show your partner that you are interested. Kind of similar to showing affection but not quite. Here is where you try to tease you partner and try to get close with them. You would listen to whatever they have to say and maybe ask for some advice on other things.

You would communicate with them a lot more than before you used to do. You would first try to build up a friendship with them. After a while you would want to change that friendship into something else, a relationship. You would ask her out and hangout together, but make sure that your partner know that you guys aren’t just hanging as friends.

After you partner would have an idea that you are interested they have 2 options. Either they would want to end all of that on the first date and just become friends again or they would go along with you.
Also another important thing is to not say ‘I love you’ on the first date. It would not only make things awkward but also make the girl freakout, but there are some cases where the girl would say it back but there isn’t a high guarantee chance for that to happen and you wouldn’t wanna risk it.



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