Sky Light

Everybody loves looking at the sky at night and seeing stars right? But seeing these things are better than seeing stars just because of how beautiful they look especially at night (It only looks like this at night).LOL.

  1. The sky in this picture makes the mountain even more better looking. The location of this is somewhere in Canada. I know I need to be specific but that’s all I got for now.


2. The Northern lights at Alaska is beautiful especially at night time. This is the perfect spot for you to die at just because of how beautiful it is.

New idea image.JPG

3. This Milky Way located in Canterbury, New Zealand is perfectly taken by a photographer and the house in the middle fits in perfectly, making is look like the milk way is smoke.


4. The Aurora over the tress of Churchill Manitoba  located in Canada looks spectacular. The rainbow color doesn’t really fit with the ground but at least it looks nice anyways.


5. The Snake River and Teton Range in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a perfect photo because of the color blending skills involved with this and it just makes it all better.




Beautiful Places pt. 2

This is the second part, continuing from the first one. If things go good I can make a part three so to let me know make sure to leave a like and maybe click the follow button to see more blog posts. Also I forgot to mention, I wasn’t paid to talk about these places […]

This is the second part, continuing from the first one. If things go good I can make a part three so to let me know make sure to leave a like and maybe click the follow button to see more blog posts. Also I forgot to mention, I wasn’t paid to talk about these places or anything, I just liked them and don’t hate.

6. Look at how this fascinating lagoon/lake was formed. Almost a perfect oval and if you wanna visit it, it is at Kornati National Park, Croatia.


7. Look a the way this mountian was gracefully fromed by mother nature. You should really visit this place too, it’s at The Napali coast, Kauai, Hawaii.


8.  This mountain looks safe but it’s actually not as safe as you think. This mountain is surrounded by many snowy mountains and glaciers can appear. If you wanna visit it’s at the Glacier National Park, Montana, United States.


9. This unbelievable place is surprisingly real. At first I didn’t believe it was real so I did some research and then believed it was real. It is located at Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand.


10. Believe it or not this place isn’t fake. And also that  glowy thing falling down the mountain isn’t lava. It’s actually water and it’s a waterfall located at the Yosamite National park like the first picture.



The relationship climax

When in a relationship the most exciting part to people is gonna be the part when one of them says this sentence or phrase to the other “I love you”. If said too early then the other person might freak out and leave but if said too late then they might end up leaving you. Obviously this doesn’t apply to teens under 15 because when under 15 they usually say it at the way beginning and it wont ‘t be a problem. But what if you wanna say the “I love you” in a unique way? Well I got just the trick.

  1. Using quotes
  2. Poetry
  3.  Making fairy tales come true
  4. Take her on a trip
  5. Leaving a note
  6. Massage them
  7. Take them out to a nice dinner
  8. Hang out somewhere
  9. Gifts
  10. Serve with style
  11. Tease them
  12. Do something cheerfully where you would normally have a habit of whining and making his life miserable.
  13. Play footsies under the table
  14. Place signs on the side of the road then drive across them with your partner.
  15. Listen to their heart
  16. Paint the words on the food you are about to give her/him
  17. Physical gestures
  18. Make it to a little game
  19. Sing or lip sing her/him a sing that has the phrase in it
  20. Make a collage or presentations



Cons of Games

Everybody knows that one person that just doesn’t ever wanna play any games. We respect them for it and maybe they know why games are bad for you. And here I am telling some reasons why games aren’t always good to have around.


To some people that are very concentrated and take school very seriously they would often not play games at all because it can distract them from school work. It is important to them that they will not be drawn away from their studies.


When you play a game you like it is pretty much like an addiction. Mostly you will just get addicted to it and only think about it instead of other things that are supposed to be on your mind, like school or work. So when playing your favorite game you also would probably just keep playing it right? Well that can be a problem because you will be wasting your precious time.

Bad encouragements

Some people play games that are way too young for their age, but they still play it anyways despite this rule of underage game play. When kids do this they tend to get be promoted to do these things. An example would be that if the game include violence and your child plays it under age then he will be encouraged to do whats on the games.


Playing too much games can lead to social isolation. The child will not want to join other people when he is outside, the child won’t be good at making friends and would end up sad. A lot or should I say all parents don’t want this for their child, they want the child to be socially active and always making new friends.


What I am talking about here isn’t the confusing that lack of understanding. This kind of confusion is not being able to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. The gamer would simply not be able to tell what us a reality and what is a fantasy.

Impulsive behavior and attention problem
A child that plays too much games can face impulsive problems and also attention problems.  The child would simply act without thought and also would try to seek less attention.


Poorer performance at school

A study by Argosy University’s Minnesota School on Professional Psychology found out that the more addcited you are the more you would argue with the teacher, fight more at school and score lower grades. the tested and have found this to be true.


Beautiful Places PT. 5

As you guessed it, there is a part 5 to this topic. It’s intersting there are places in the world that are this beautiful and cool. And I would like to give a huge thanks to the people visitting my site and following me, it means a lot to me you guys do this.

21.This one is not really considered a beautiful place, but is more of a extraordinary place because it’s kinda evil looking and cool. The Blood River, Devil’s Pupil, Gartness, Scotland.image1(3).JPG22. This next area is a more nice place to visit. The beautiful Cherry River, West Virginia, USA. image2(3).JPG

23.This one is a nice place for maybe some fishing or boat riding or maybe picnic. Looks nice and peaceful with a nice breeze to it. The Sand Harbor, San Antonio, USA.image3(3).JPG

24. The mountains and the lake with the forest mixed together you would get a nice destination for tourists or hikers to visit. The Morain lake, Banff National Park, Canada.image4(3).JPG

25. The Papafragas Beach, Milos Island, Greece is a wonderful looking beach and would be a nice place to maybe take a walk around, maybe relax there but doesn’t look comfortable for relaxing though. image5(3).JPG


Arguments-Friends edition

What would you do to get out of an argument or not start an argument with a friend/close friend. Well that’s what we are gonna be discussing today in this blog. Also these solution also depends on the kind of argument you guys are having.

  1. During an argument that hasn’t turned too bad or is just the beginning of the argument  one of the best solution is for you to just walk away from it. But if the argument already turned bad just read the second solution and don’t walk away.walk away quote....jpg
  2. If the argument has already gone bad you should stay away from physical contact and also try viewing it from your friend’s perspective. Maybe then you will understand and then the fight would end in no one getting hurt and also you guys not being mad at each other.

    3.  In the beginning before an argument you must think about it before you try to start an argument with somebody. This is important, think before you act. thinking before act.jpg
    4.  Try to be a more open-minded person, not only will you be happier you also will not have any grudges/arguments with anybody at all.


    5. arugument-quotes.jpg


Beautiful Places PT. 4

Of course there is gonna be a part 4 because of all the support there has been on the last 3 parts. To be honest I also enjoy looking at these amazing pictures and is delighted to share it with you guys.

16. This beautiful waterfall located in the deep forest of the Plitvice Lakes Public Park, Croatia is a amazing place just to spend an afternoon there or maybe have a picnic, if they allow.image12

17. This mountain located in Restonica Valley in Corsica, France looks amazing for hikers but definitely not for boat riders.image2(2).JPG18. The Glowworm Cave in New Zealand looks nothing but magical. Step inside and experience the true power of the glowworm.image3(2).JPG

19. The Blue Grotto on the Almafi  Coast is another cave in Italy that would be a perfect place for explorers especially exploring it at night. image4(2).JPG20. The Athabasca Falls Canyon, Alberta, Canada is an amazing place for canoe riding and as you can see here there is a canoe rider down there giving us the I-had-the-best-time-of-my-life look.image5(2).JPG