The boring day

Today’s main topic is gonna be either playing games or watching a movie. It starts in the morning and then from there till lunch it was just me watching Christmas theme horror movies. Some of them you might not consider a horror story but it was in the Christmas theme horror movie category and I’m counting it. I jumped a few times out of my seat because of the jump scares. Most the movies I watched weren’t as terrifying as I thought but I still got a little jumpy. After that I ate lunch then went to my friends house, with my laptop, Ipad and phone. I was prepared to play some league of legends and maybe the sims. But when I got there we couldn’t play any of those games.

We couldn’t play the sims because my friend didn’t go get it downloaded and we couldn’t play league of legends because it wasn’t working on his computer. So we ended up playing different games, he was playing “Pes2017″and I was playing minecraft. After a few hours quickly passed by it was time for me to go home. When I arrived home I unpacked all the electronics, got a shower and then just played some castle clash on my Ipad. Then after I got bored of games I decided to do some random research on blog topics. I wasn’t surprised to know how many things I need to add to my blogs to make it better. But I will improve it slowly, day by day. Not gonna try to rush this whole blog thing.

Hope you enjoyed this and now I am gonna try shorter blogs. Unless you don’t like short blogs then I can go back to long blogs again.


The after effect

Usually after a long and exhausted trip the next day some people would feel sore all around the body. This is what I would like to call the after-effect. As you know I just came back from a 4 day field trip and the day I came back I was fine. But then the very next day, which is today, I felt so sore. My breakfast had to be double so I can hopefully get some energy from it. Then I was energized for like 2 hours because of this breakfast and then I just crashed like a car crashing into a building. I could barely lift my body up and had to lie down on the floor.
After a while of doing that I ate lunch but I didn’t like it that much, so I ate only a little. Then I was feeling a little better again and decided to play some computer games thinking it might make me feel better. It didn’t make me feel better because the only games on the computer are strategy games or games that require energy. So I just watched youtube and kept lying on the ground. It wasn’t much fun at all and then my cousin visited me. I let him play the computer and he made some progress on my game. I was glad to be able to watch someone play something in real life.
Also I was supposed to go get a game downloaded and instead I am at home just chilling and not at all making any progress in any games what so ever. So then when my cousin came I was kinda happy.

Hope you enjoyed this and the main thing that happened was just being super tired.

Plans never go right

Today I woke up planning a very stressful day ahead of myself. The plan would start with me making some nice coffee in the morning with maybe a little snack, then I would be working on all the details of blogs and maybe a way to make some money for myself with some music in the background. I was excited about this plan in the morning. So then I started to work on it. First I made the coffee, but that wasn’t exactly coffee at all. It ended up looking like milo but tasting like plain hot water. So that part of the plan already went wrong. So I just moved on to the next part of my plan and according to the plan this part should take like 4 or 5 hours. Well as you might have guessed that wasn’t exactly what happened. I ended up doing the researching and all that stuff for like 3 hours then just went to watch some movies and played games.

So the morning didn’t go exactly as I planned but at least I made some productive time during the morning. So then I went to the evening plan. It should be lunch, games, tutor, game, dinner, blog. But of course I made a lot of adjustments to this plan. It went wrong when I decided that I should skip lunch because I was too busy playing games. Then I looked at the time and was about to be late for tutor at my friend’s house. I went there as quick as possible and then realized that I was 2 hours early. I got there at 1:00 and tutor started at 3:00. So in the meantime I played some games with my friend and then got something to eat because apparently my friend was more hungrier than I am.

We each got a little snack to eat then got tutor. After tutor I was supposed to go home then play games but of course something went wrong. My family took me to eat dinner else where and that took all the way from 5:00 until 7:30. The traffic during that didn’t really help with the time at all. So when I got home I had another plan and it was get home, shower, game, blog, research, sleep. Well surprisingly that was exactly how it went. When I got home I got a shower and then played some games, wrote a blog, research somethings about online money making and then got some sleep after all these things that went wrong.

That’s all and hoped you enjoyed this. So remember STAY CHEESY PEOPLE.

Field trip over

Well my field trip ended and now that I am back home, things will probably go back to normal again. So it started in the morning where we had to wake up early so that we can go back to the city a bit earlier than before. We had to meet in the lobby at 6:45 and then set off at 7:00. We went to the eating place and then an hour later set off back to school. Usually going back from field trips people would be silent and not at all say anything but this time it was noisy in the beginning part of the trip. From like around 8:00 to 11:00 or something it was just constant noise and then it went quiet for a while because everyone was asleep and I was just chilling watching a series. I tried not to sleep because I wanted to watch the series/not snore so the whole bus can wake up.

So then after the sleeping hours past in the bus we went all noisy again. They would put on super loud music and also sing along. Their singing wasn’t bad but the problem was that my ears were bleeding. Not actually bleeding though it was a metaphor. So when we got to the city we ate at mike’s burgers and then headed off to the school. When we were close to the school and I was sure of it I called my mom to tell her to wait for me at the school. \

When we got to the school, I went on the moto and then went home. When I got home I instantly went to the bathroom because I have been holding my pee since the morning. We did have some stops but I didn’t want to go there so I just held it in. So after that I took a shower and then unpacked my clothes. It didn’t take long to unpack but to pack took like forever.
Then I played some games on my Ipad and laptop that I didn’t bring with me on the field trip. After that I just ate dinner and spent like 1 hour trying to download my favourite childhood game, but still failed anyways. After giving up I just went to chill and write some blogs.
Hope you enjoyed this and hope your day is also going good. So remember to STAY CHEESY PEOPLE and don’t forget to click the follow button.

Field trip=no blog??

As you know tomorrow I will be going on a field trip and if you didn’t know well I’m going on a field trip. While on this field trip I won’t be bringing my laptop or Ipad with me just phone. So it’s gonna be very hard for me to write anything. My plan is to take notes of what’s happening and then when I get back I will be writing about it. Not sure when I’m coming back though but don’t worry when you see blogs again that means I am back. I’m gonna miss you all.

Worst biking journey ever Pt.3

So after we got the gift card was the moment the worst part comes in. But I didn’t know that yet so I was pretty happy I might get a free Dota 2 skin. So then he went home and I was left there alone. I tried to do the strategy of following the road to the big road. It wasn’t such a failure considering it only took 30 minutes to get back to the main road. And when I got to the main road something even worse happened. I was on the wrong side of the road so I had to ride the opposite way. And that was only the beginning. So I rode on the wrong side of the road…what’s the big deal I can just turn then go to the right side right? Well you are wrong since turning back could’ve killed me so I just went on. Then the sidewalk started to get filled with cars.

I had to get off my bike then walk it for a while. Not only that when I was riding the opposite lane I “accidentally” hit a road cleaner. All I said was sorry and just kept moving. I still felt bad for her but at least she didn’t fall down or get hurt too bad. After I started to walk my bike everybody was looking at me because I was well dressed and also had a crap ton of food why would I be walking a bike. A guy even tried to rob me during that walk but luckily he failed to do so.

After a while of walking I started to really recognize my surroundings so I started to ride the bike again. It felt way better to ride the bike and it didn’t take long to get home. When I got home I was happy and relieved but again I was behind schedule. I was supposed to get home at 12:30 not 1:20. So I tried to hurry up as quick as possible and then I instantly went to other friend’s house for tutor. When I got there I was kinda actually helping them. I filled some papers and also help decide what he should bring to the field trip. I still have no idea why we even had tutor, I mean first of all it’s the day before the field trip so shouldn’t we be having a lot of fun and second it’s the holidays, why are we learning.So in summary the worst things for biking were:

  1. Hitting somebody and running away without explanation
  2. Having to use a lot of energy mainly just to try to balance bike
  3. Wind pushing you back
  4. getting lost
  5. A lot of dust go in  your eyes

And by the end of the day all those 5 things has happened to me and I am definitely not gonna let it happen again especially hitting somebody and running away.  All this was 1 and a half hours long. If I went into detail the blog would be way longer.

So hope you enjoyed this 3 part blog and have a nice day people.

Worst bike journey ever Pt.2

I ordered a meatball sub and a B.L.T., my friend ordered the special 1kg sub/a meatball sub and a burrito. I’m also pretty sure that he brought over 100$ because simply he spent almost 20 at the mall on snacks and around 33 on these sandwiches. So then I checked my phone only to find out that my friend forgot to get something at the mall for our other friend that needed that item for his anniversary. So after we got the food we went back to the mall and at least the way back the wind wasn’t going against us, but something was going against me. It was all the things that I had to put on the handle of the bike. 1 side had a crap ton of snacks and the other simply had 2 subs that were not normal weight. And my was having a rough time trying to even keep these things balanced on my bike.

So we went way slower than before and I was super careful and still manage to almost hit 2 cars, almost hit a lady and accidentally hit the back of a car but there was no one in it so it’s fine. So when we got back to the mall we went to get the sticky that we forgot to get and then went to go get a steam gift card since my friend thought it be nice to get us free dota 2 skins. I thought that he was being way too generous since usually he is just the weird guy of the class.
So the way there he said was simple and I can find my way home back no problem. I thought so too so then we headed there. When we got there he said for them to get him a 50$ card for Dota 2. I was literally like “bro how much money did you bring? 100$ or something?” Then he answered with a simply yes and I was just left there shocked that he brought this much money just for shopping.