Relationship after math

We all know what happens when a relationship ends. the misery part but this is about dealing with that part of a relationship. No body likes that part and it can be the reason people would stop dating. Here are how some people would grieve to this.

Shock or disbelief

On a normal basis people would be shock if they just got dumped. If they really liked the other person and they heard this news they would be in a state of shock or disbelief. They would be speechless and probably with their mouth open.

Be alone

When this happen people would usually wanna be alone so they can deal with it by themselves. This is good sometimes but other times being alone is actually not a good thing and can cause more problems or grief to them.

Jumps right into a new one

It’s common for people to instantly jump into another relationship after they just ended one. That person would do this so they could fill in the gap with a new person but this isn’t a good idea because that person will definitely be your rebound and they wouldn’t like that and also you need to let your body heal from the old wound.

Acts strange

It’s not uncommon for people to talk differently or act differently after a break up. They would either do this to pretend that they aren’t hurt or they are too hurt to act normal. By acting differently I mean speaking unclear and saying things that don’t make sense or is logical and acting differently is like being weird around other people.

Hold the pain in or just let it out

When a person goes through a break up, they could either hold the pain in them and release it out at the worst moment possible or just have a break down and just let it all out the moment this happens. Both ways aren’t bad and they are kind of good somehow but in my opinion the second one is better since if you break down at a bad moment then it could cause other issues.


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