Winning a girls heart

When you try to win a girl’s heart you can find it to be a bit difficult than you would expect it to be. You probably won’t know how to actually do it and would probably feel nervous about it too. I am here to provide information for this.

Be hygienic

Women would take pride in a clean and hygienic person. When you are smelly and don’t have good hygiene then the girl probably won’t want to go near you or even talk to you. This could ruin your chances with that girl. Also having fresh clean hair might be a a good thing.

Prove your love

Don’t just show the other person you have a crush on her. Ask that person about themselves and share some stuff together. Don’t try to move too fast. Be patient.

No games

‘When you are trying to get a girl into a serious relationship, playing games isn’t such a good idea. If you are trying to build the relationship on something false then expect the relationship you are having to also be false and also not gonna last long.

Be a cool/great guy

If that person has been with many great guys or girls then you just have to be a great guy too. When going to a party and you meet someone that you think is cooler than you then that means you are lacking that trait. So you must go work on that specific trait so you can get better and be the better man.

Emotion cloudiness

When you feel like your chances of getting her are slipping and feel like giving up then don’t get reckless with it. If you are the kind of guy that just because of their heart and end up confessing their love to the partner. Don’t be that guy. You must also be aware of entering the friend zone because once in the friend zone then you cannot or have trouble leaving the friend zone.


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