20 Things Never To Mention Or Say On The First Date

Usually on the first date with a girl, a person’s goal is probably to be abbe to make it into more than one date, meaning you would want a second date. There are many ways you can make the first date go wrong. So here are 20 things you should never say or mention in the first date.

  1. “I’ve actually never been in a serious or long-term relationship.”
  2. “I hate labels like girlfriends”
  3. “I’d love to see you in a dress next time”
  4. “Actually, I still live with my ex”
  5. “I don’t have any hobbies”
  6. “I am unemployed”
  7. “I am living with my parents so I can save some extra money”
  8. “I am still friends with my ex”
  9. “Sorry, I’m just down in the dumps lately”
  10. Complaining about your bills or problems
  11. “I play a lot of video games at home”
  12. Being racists
  13. Talk about family issues
  14. “You’re older than I thought you were”
  15. “Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’?”
  16. “I am [age], not [age they thought you were]. But I am really fit though.
  17. “Let’s take this party to your place”
  18. “Can you believe they arrested me for [a good enough reason], crazy right”
  19. “My ex still lives with me but he won’t be an issue.”
  20. “I am depressed”

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