Writing Vs Videos

Blogging and YouTube are pretty different from each other.I am going to compare them both by how  enjoyable they are to creators, makes profit for the creators and also the difficulty of them. But which is the better one among these two.
Both of these platforms are difficult to manage and keep the channel or website running. But for YouTube when making videos require editing and recording. The editing can be obnoxious for some people especially if they don’t know how to edit videos. You can argue though that getting an editor can be the solution but for starter YouTubers that would mean they have to invest more money into it and it’s not a guarantee that the channel is even going to succeed. Also just recording the video can be difficult too since you would have to pick what to put in and what to take out. But as you go along it becomes easier as the revenue start to pour in and you can hire an editor to do the job.
For blogging the beginning is mostly easy especially since there’s so many free advice there are around the internet. It also doesn’t require much knowledge of the internet since the most difficult thing in the beginning for blogging is probably finding the right website or just making the website look good. But as you go later it can be difficult to think of what kind of content to put out.
So for the difficulty I would say the blogging is the easier way to go.
Revenue is important when it comes to an online business since without it there’s nothing that would keep you going. You would either run out of money to pay workers or run out to pay things in your everyday life.
For YouTube revenue for an early YouTuber can be quite low or none at all. But as long as they can get people to watch around 30 seconds of an ad or half the ad they will get revenue. It also doesn’t take that long to get ads set up and start earning passive income.
For Blogging it is more difficult to start earning some revenue. People can spend around a year on blogs and still earn no money at all. Getting ads set up on the blog website require time and a lot of work. Also getting the revenue from those ads can also be difficult. Some people decide not to go with ads but instead go with online courses and other things. This is a smart idea but that would require a dedicated audience, an audience that wants to commit their hard earned money on your courses.
So overall for the revenue YouTube is going to take the victory.
The Ability To Enjoy It
Being able to enjoy what you do and make a living out of it is everyone’s dream. Since most people are stuck at jobs they hate and they look at others doing what they love.
For YouTube the creators on it all seem to enjoy themselves. Whether or not you can notice it their facial expression always shows how much they enjoy that work that they have. It’s hard to tell if they hate being a YouTuber. I mean most of them make money off of playing video games, like who doesn’t want that for themselves.

On the other hand there’s blogging. The place where people express their emotions and feelings through words or pictures. Most the time it’s quite easy to tell how they feel just from the blogs. If the quality decrease or if the posts start to slowdown, maybe sometimes their wording isn’t the same. It’s also great for people who don’t like to talk to themselves through a microphone or want to show their face to people. Also being a blogger you have to go through less online drama when compared to YouTube. It’s like a peaceful community that we all can enjoy.
In summary blogging is the better way to go in my opinion rather than YouTube.


Stuck? Try These Healthy Tips

We all like to live a long, happy life and we also wish that the people around us live a long happy life too. But sometimes we just go a bit overboard and get some unhealthy food or get lazy then not want to go to lose some weight. Well here are some ways to stay healthy.

Eat Vegetables And Fruits

Let’s admit it, not everyone is a big fan of vegetables or even fruits. A lot of us like the protein or the other unhealthy food like burgers or pizzas. But we have to face our fears eventually and better to do it soon. So start eating some vegetables and fruits to keep that calorie count low while staying healthy.

Avoid Junk Food


To stay healthy you are going to have to have to guts to stay away from things like sugary drinks (coke, pepsi…) trans fats (donuts, biscuits…) and many other types of foods. They can cause dangers like heart attacks or diabetes.


It’s not super complicated or surprising that exercising keeps you healthy. It can help release toxins from the body from sweat and it can also make you look good too. It has helped many people lose weight and feel less lazy. It makes people want to go out and have a great time instead of just wanting to be alone at home eating or just in a dark room screaming at their device because they got killed in fortnite.  


It may come as a surprise but reading can help keep people healthy. When reading it can take you away from the real world and into your own fantasies. This helps a bunch of people reduce their stress, by just getting a book and quietly reading. It also can improve your knowledge like increase your vocabulary and writing skills.

Sleep And Have A Humidifier 

Sleeping is an important part of our lives and we tend to sleep less as we get older. But sleep is important because sleeping allows  the body to heal and repair things like the blood vessel. What’s also important that goes along with sleep is keeping your moisture. Having a humidifier in the room can help give moisture to skin and this is important because it helps ease the dry air while also easing the symptoms of diseases like the cold.






Beautiful Places

Warning: This is not listed from most beautiful to least beautiful. I am just listing this. Also one of these places I am not sure where it is located. So enjoy!! This beautiful view of the mountain and house is located at Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada.   2. This magnificent field of lilies […]

Warning: This is not listed from most beautiful to least beautiful. I am just listing this. Also one of these places I am not sure where it is located. So enjoy!!


  1. This beautiful view of the mountain and house is located at Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada.


2. This magnificent field of lilies is located at Calla Lilly Valley, Yosemite National Park. Be sure to visit it one day.


3.Look at the amazing view of the sun setting behind the mountains and that one bison in the fields. The location of this place is at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States.


4. Look at this lovely waterfall and sadly I didn’t get a location of the place but if you know the place bee sure to share it with all of us.


5. Explore this stunning picture of the mountain the was photographed at the Bryce Canyon, Southern Utah, United States.



I’m Back?

Guess my “little” break is now gonna have to be over. I will be trying to be posting daily but that might be a longshot since I got exams coming up. But I promise this time I will actually try my best to put better content out there. Also this time I’m not gonna be going anywhere but if in the time span from now till august 10 I’m not making daily post then I am probably learning or trying to put out one really good one. But there will be at least 1 post  a week.  Wondering if there will be anyone even going to be reading this at all. Here’s to a successful trip ahead of us and I hope you will join along on it too.


Little Break

People take breaks all the time from blogs right? Well I guess it’s the time of year where I kinda have to take a little break from all this blogging and focus on the tests I have to take because so far doing both isn’t working. So I picked to put school first but  don’t worry I won’t be gone for long at all.
All the test ends this week and I only have 4 more tests left to complete and after that it all ends and you guys can come back to enjoying these blogs. And I promise when I make a reappearance, the blogs will be focused more on helping you guys> I know lately these blogs have been one random and two not really found helpful to you viewers.
I promise you to keep trying to put better blogs and provide better content. Like I said these blogs are like a tree, they keep getting stronger and better. One day these blogs will mean more to you guys.

And lately I also noticed that my views have been dropping by a lot. Imagine having 1 million views and then all of a sudden you just get 1000 views for that. You would probably be very confused and upset, well that’s how I felt.

Have Fun without me for now.


Self Discouragement

Most of us say that we can’t do this or that is impossible for us. But what if you just try it ot practice it and maybe just maybe you will get good. Here are some reasons why they might say they aren’t good at something when they haven’t tried it yet or they are good at it but they say they suck.


When people say good things about themselves to other people or they keep saying that they can do that, other people will think that you are bragging. This could sometimes be a misunderstanding but some people just don’t wanna get into this kind of thing and just say they suck at it.


Sometimes people would say this and this would somehow get people’s attention. This would make people wonder about if you can do it or not or it would make people think you are too good for this so then you would get all their attention.

For Success

Saying bad things about yourself can also be a good thing. When saying negativity around you, you would encourage the people around you to try to counter your negativity so you can feel better. They would provide the positive  and would make you successful.


When you are in a work business and your rivals are better than you, you would usually feel like you are losing and not gonna have a chance. But if they say bad things about themselves it would make you feel like they are no threat because you are better than them and would boost your ego.

Lower Others’ Ego

While doing this can help others’ ego go up and make you not feel like a threat, it can also do the opposite. It can make a person feel like they are powerless, make them feel suspicious and make them feel like they are missing something.

Morning Of Cheats

This is my story on my national exams for 9th graders in Cambodia. Continue reading to find out what a great system we have going on in that school.

By the way if you couldn’t tell that last sentence was sarcasm. My first day of the test was a great and terrible time. First off is the good things about the day. It’s was good because most of the time during the test I was actually able to do the questions with confident. Not so sure about if it was right or not but at the least I was confident about it. Also meeting some new people was nice. Even though I kind of freaked them out because most the time I was speaking English with my friends and they spoke khmer so they just assumed I was this foreigner taking the test with them. They also didn’t really talk to me or get me involved in anything during the test so I pretty much made no friends that day just saw new people.

Now the bad part. To start it I was worried the moment I got to the school at 6 in the morning. It was because I knew that there was going to be some corruption going on and the students were going to be paying the teacher so that they could use their cheats. I instantly was worried because I’m afraid that if I don’t pay then they might just instantly fail me. So once I got over that feeling there was a worry of what would happen if I failed the test. My thought was that if I failed the test I would lose all my electronics like my ipad, phone and laptop and I would also lose every possible chance I have to go study abroad.

So at 7 everyone went to their rooms and the teacher explained some stuff until 7:30 and then we started our first assignment. Which was writing an essay explaining the topic given. At the beginning 2 students got up and went around the class collecting money for the teacher. Since I have my morality to keep I didn’t pay them anything. Because of this I got the whole class to stare at me in confusion. I didn’t understand why they would cheat at the first test that doesn’t require anything other than to just remember a story. If it was something like physics or chemistry, then I might understand why they would cheat. But this is about your understanding of the story. So after I got over the fact that people are cheating already I went on with my test and it went pretty alright for me. After that we would have a ten-minute break and then the next test started. Next off we had chemistry and it was pretty much the same as the last one. Then we had earth science and it also went like the other 2 tests.

After the earth science test we had a 3-hour break and we started again at 2:00. During that time I managed to study and prepare for the next 3 tests.

My National Exams

Well everything on blogs will get slowed down this week. The reason for this is because I have a 2 day national exam coming up and I would have to actually try to focus and pass this test. A lot of people would say it’s easy simply because they rely on their cheats or very memorizing brain. But for me I am terrible even at cheating and also I’m not the best when it comes to trying to remember things. Especially if that thing is history or geography related. So I would be posting blogs just not anything like normal. The post this week is pretty much like me explaining my plan and how I am going to get through this test. So this test is for 9th graders and after it the next day is literally the start of the school year. So not only are you forced to learn during the summer break you also don’t get some kind of break after the test too. What a way to encourage students here right? Oh and by the way all this is in Cambodia. I like staying here I just hate the learning here. It’s like nothing goes into my brain during these khmer classes don’t want to work. So hope you enjoy these blogs and if I do pass this test then blogs are going to almost be daily but if I fail then I lose all my electronics and pretty much just be screwed over.

Ways To Turn The Fever Situation Around

A lot of people get sick and end up grumpy or just frustrated about having it. But what we all have in common when having a sickness is that we all want a way to get rid of it and hope it won’t come back again. Most of the time though we end up just trying to give up and instead try forgetting about it. Well I’m going to be talking about trying to forget about it or just get distracted from it for a while.

Play Sports Or Games

Ever hear your parents say to you to go out and play some sports or calm down the sports it’s going to hurt you. Well they might not always be right about this since when you sweat a lot during a sport match or a gaming match you will feel much better than before. The reason for this is because you can sweat it out and it will make you feel refreshed on the inside maybe not the outside, since you are going to be sweating like crazy.


Sleeping or just taking a nap from what you were doing will refresh your mind and make you forget about all the troubles just for a moment. Also once sleeping the sickness might be healed a bit and you just get to lay down and not think about anything going on around you. Nice way to get an excuse not to do homework.


What’s a better way to forget about something than worrying about something else more important than getting sick right? Yeah nothing like doing some studying for a test while getting sick. There’s a chance you might get worse or feel worse but there’s also a chance for being able to learn something or just learning your way to curing the fever.

Go Hangout 

When you get sick you will feel weak and all sluggish on the inside. So just make the most of the laziness and ask some friends over to have a hangout at your house or try gathering as much energy as you can. Then go to a hangout with friends, eat some non junk food and watch a movie. See what would happen after all that. There’s a small chance of adrenaline taking over and making you feel all hyped but there’s also a chance that you might be too tired then just have to get carried out the place by your friends. But hey, at least you had a great time right?