The commitment

When you have past one of the hardest stages of a relationship you should just have to worry more about the commitment chapter of things. These stages are the development +commitment and establishment stages. And don’t worry because things don’t usually go wrong on this stage often at all. The only way this stage could go wrong is you guys skipping every other stage or rushing or just you guys are horrible idiots.

The development and commitment/establishment stage

  1. Accept and celebrate the differences
  2. Listen carefully
  3. Let time sink in
  4. Develop communication skills
  5. Be more trustworthy
  6. Develop empathy
  7. Learn to give and receive feedback
  8. Understand fears that drive your reaction and behavior
  9. Make sure your fantasies are realistic
  10. Be willing to take responsibility
  11. Developing self-awareness
  12. Mutual respect
  13. Welcome in diversity
  14. Identify the relationship needs
  15. Make time for your relationship
  16. Make an organized schedule
  17. Focus on developing your social intelligence
  18. Appreciate your partner
  19. Be thankful every minute of your life with your partner
  20. Be sure to make boundaries
  21. Don’t try gossiping just because you like it
  22. Having the mindset of having a long term relationship
  23. Focus on self-development
  24. Focus on the giving part rather than the receiving part
  25. Focus on the mind set that these are people (complicated one)
  26. Make intentional actions
  27. Step in without being asked
  28. Answer questions that are not being asked
  29. Prove they think of others
  30. Know when to call back
  31. Realize when a partner acted poorly
  32. Value the message you receive
  33. Start off small and work your way to big
  34. Avoid having baggage with your partner (Baggage is past experience or past issue that you still hold on to)
  35. Spending time together is great and all but limit the times and not always spending rime together because you will get bored of each other
  36. Maintain your own identity
  37. Ignore the assumptions
  38. See them for who they really are
  39. Get comfortable when being alone
  40. Embrace ordinariness
  41. Have an open heart and an open mind
  42. Let go of your expectations
  43. Don’t get jealous
  44. Concentrate on the present to make a better future
  45. Don’t distort
  46. Share your power
  47. Find simple and common goals
  48. Understand the anger and the differences you have
  49. Focus on the things that are fixable
  50. Accept problems that can’t be solved





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