Water’s Delight

Most people like swimming and having a fun time in the water right? And we also love looking at beautiful things. But it would be better if those 2 things were to combine together. This is the Water’s Delight.

  1. The Haena Surf in Kauai, Hawaii is a beautiful place to stay at but from the looks of it, staying at the shore is probably a bad idea. You might get taken by the surf.


2.The Crimson Crags, Cerro Torre, Patagonia, Chile not only have a beautiful looking mountain but the partly frozen lake right there just makes it all the more better. You should try to visit it one time.


3.The infinity fountain beach at sunset, Ferragudi, Portugal is amazing at sunset. The sunset with the mountains at the side and the ocean just fits together perfectly.


4. This beach photo aws taken at night where the stars shone into the water, making it look like the water was sparkly. It’s called the Sea Stars located on the Vaadhu Islands Maldives.


5. Thees 2 amazing things about this photo, the mountain or big piece of pointy rock and the lake water. So let’s focus on the lake for now. Lake Baikal in Siberia is a wonderful looking lake even though from my view it looks like it is frozen.