Sky Light

Everybody loves looking at the sky at night and seeing stars right? But seeing these things are better than seeing stars just because of how beautiful they look especially at night (It only looks like this at night).LOL.

  1. The sky in this picture makes the mountain even more better looking. The location of this is somewhere in Canada. I know I need to be specific but that’s all I got for now.


2. The Northern lights at Alaska is beautiful especially at night time. This is the perfect spot for you to die at just because of how beautiful it is.

New idea image.JPG

3. This Milky Way located in Canterbury, New Zealand is perfectly taken by a photographer and the house in the middle fits in perfectly, making is look like the milk way is smoke.


4. The Aurora over the tress of Churchill Manitoba¬† located in Canada looks spectacular. The rainbow color doesn’t really fit with the ground but at least it looks nice anyways.


5. The Snake River and Teton Range in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a perfect photo because of the color blending skills involved with this and it just makes it all better.