Common Relationship issues

In relationships there are always issues involved whether it is a minor issue or a big major issue. But you might have these issue and think of it as a big issue but it might just be a minor issue. Here are some common issues in a relationship.


This is a common issue and is the number 1 issue that can ruin any relationship unless the other partner is a very understanding person and would forgive them. There are arguments to this point that it isn’t a very common issue but there are others where his/her relationship are always filled with this issue.

Age difference

This is common in many places of the world but unlike the other one this one has a very low chance to actually ruin a relationship because true love to those people doesn’t include age in the formula. The only way this could be an issue is with parents disagreeing.

Not ready

This would be an issue if one of the partner isn’t ready for a commitment and then have all this pressure on them then they would just snap. This would have a chance to maybe break a relationship if the other partner can’t wait for his/her partner to be ready.


This issue is in almost every relationship since a good or bad relationship can’t be one without having one of the partners complain to the other partner and that partner pretending to listen even though they probably aren’t. This isn’t any big issue and can be easily solved.

Long distant

This isn’t very common just because when in a relationship you barely even have to consider long distant. But when it does happen maintaining a good relationship can actually be difficult.