Finding Friends

By finding friends I don’t mean looking for a friend but instead I am trying to say finding the right kind of friends. You can come across the wrong kind of people that would make you walk on the ‘dark path.’ This can cause many issues to your and your family.

Show care and support

When looking for a good friend you must see if they have this trait. If you are in trouble or is recovering do they show care and support or not and if they don’t it could either mean they don’t care and they are a bad friend or it means they are just pretending and inside they actually care.

Bringing out the best of you

To know if that person would make a good friend or not you must watch if taht person bring out the best of you or not. Do they encourage you to do good things or are all of them bad things.

Encouragement and motivation

If that person keep you motivated and also encourages you then they are a keeper. They would help you overcome fears, encourage you through hard times and motivate you to keep trying and to not give up.

Similar interests

When it’s good to have friends that have a different kind of interest to you, it’s also good to have friends that share a similar interest to you. When having similar or the same interests it is easier to work on things and decide on things too. But with different interest it might take longer to decide.


Is that person overprotective or just protective? If so that means that they care about you and who you hang out with. As a good friend you must watch out who your friends hang out with other than you. If your friend got into trouble due to cooperating with other people then that means you have failed to be a friend.




Arguments-Friends edition

What would you do to get out of an argument or not start an argument with a friend/close friend. Well that’s what we are gonna be discussing today in this blog. Also these solution also depends on the kind of argument you guys are having.

  1. During an argument that hasn’t turned too bad or is just the beginning of the argument¬† one of the best solution is for you to just walk away from it. But if the argument already turned bad just read the second solution and don’t walk away.walk away quote....jpg
  2. If the argument has already gone bad you should stay away from physical contact and also try viewing it from your friend’s perspective. Maybe then you will understand and then the fight would end in no one getting hurt and also you guys not being mad at each other.

    3.  In the beginning before an argument you must think about it before you try to start an argument with somebody. This is important, think before you act. thinking before act.jpg
    4.  Try to be a more open-minded person, not only will you be happier you also will not have any grudges/arguments with anybody at all.


    5. arugument-quotes.jpg