Genetic engineering

Today my class has a debate about a topic. The topic is “Is genetic engineering on humans ethnic.” I was on the affirmative side while we had 6 other people in the opposition side and the last 6 are the judges.

The first reason I pointed out were related to diseases. For the past centuries or more than that the biggest threat we have been facing are disease such as malaria, measles, hiv and etc. These disease could be cured or stopped by just something called genetic engineering on humans. Yes I know, if something go wrong then that could make it worse but if it do go wrong then we could do more research for it. So if the genetic engineering is possible we could genetically engineer ourselves to be immune to diseases that have been killing people for many years so far. The next main point is, if we are able to genetically engineer ourselves to live longer, then we can have people explore places we never explored before such as other galaxies or solar system. There is a downside to living forever though, people could take advantage of this and dictators around the world would live forever and that specific country will keep sufffering. *cough*north korea*cough*. So that arguement against it could be a good one. Next point is that if we could genetically engineer humans then we could possibly make a new species. We maybe could make a new human species. Also if there are advantages there are always gonna be disadvantages.

The disadvantages can include falling into the wrong hand, more bad people, more war and chaos and many more. So if these things fall into the wrong hand it could cause super soldiers and there are gonna be endless wars because those soldiers are genetically modified and there would not be world peace. It can also cause more bad people. The reason you ask? Well what if you genetically made yourself not a super hero that means there are gonna be other crazy people that will probably genetically engineer themselves to become super villains. Well those are my main points in genetic engineering, what are yours? I am wishing you a good day and remember STAY CHEESY PEOPLE.