Daily days (5)

Today was a interesting and sad day for me. It all started in the morning with me waking up late because for some reason I stayed up late listening to songs and I didn’t fall asleep. So after waking up late the rest of my schedule for the morning all had to be hurried up so I won’t be late for school. And I managed to get to school as normal by 6:40. When I got to school I was greeted with a surprise and the surprise was that we had 3 homeworks to do and I didn’t even touch my bag the whole weekend. So then I had 20 minutes before I have to get to class and I manage to finish half of 1 homework and half of another homework.

When it was time to go to  class I sneakily finished 2 of the homework and had only one left to finish. Also that homework is the homework that involves me intereviewing my English teacher which I can’t do until recess. So I waited and just continued on listening to the teacher. After that class ended we went to math and I was scared we might have a eat since he said we are having a test today last week. But when we got to class he said that we weren’t having a test and he let us do 3 graphs in our book and after that we could have freetime. I ended up having like 20 minutes or something or freetime before it was time to go to recess.

So when we got to recess, I interview the teacher and luckily that scenario only took 5 minutes and I still had 15 minutes left of freetime before we had to go to the next class. After recess we went to history and we continued learning about the Middle Ages and the classes. We read about the jobs and roles of the Middle Ages then we played a little game. We were split into 2 teams then he would say the meaning of a vocal word and we have to write it down.

After history was over we  went to science and science was pretty normal. Nothing interesting or cool happened so I’m gonna not talk about it. After science we went to English. At English the teacher continued explaining about the differences between a feature story and a news. After that wen continued working on our feature story and my feature story was about the English teacher. So I could just ask him questions in class and that would be easy. We had to write the introduction part of our feature story and I didn’t have much ideas at all so I just wrote down what came to mind.

After English was lunch and then after that we had I.C.T. We continued learning about the HTML things and we did some commands and if we were doing this last year I would be way more excited but now I’m not really excited at all. After that class wa the tragedy part. We then went to our second math class and we were about to receive our tests. And I felt like all of a sudden everyone just became silent and things were getting very tense when the teacher started handing out the paper. My heart wa beating like crazy and my hopes were very low of even getting a point and by the way the test is out of 100.

When all the boys got their test papers we asked each other and of course wp my score was 35/100 and I tied with another dude. But the wasn’t the lowest score of the class, the lowest score was I think 30 or 20 something (not sure though). But the highest score was 85 and that isn’t a bad score at all and in fact that’s really good considering 11 people failed out of 13. Yep 11 people failed no only 2 people passed. I wasn’t happy to find this out but at least 10 other people also failed too so I ain’t so sad about that.

That was pretty much my day, hope you enjoy and STAY CHEESY PEOPLE!!