Daily days (4)

It’s day 4 of this magnificent journey and nothing interesting has happen today. It starts of all normal in the morning, me waking up late, was about to play a few songs in the violin but end up playing only one and ,eating breakfast late. After all that boring stuff pass by I played some games and then eating lunch.

Like I said this day is pretty boring so the morning finished slowly. After lunch I went to get my phone fix because the screen were broken and I can’t open any social media app. Afetr that my mom decided it was a good idea to get get my teeth cleaned because it looks dirty. So we got home then went to the dentist.

I am the kind of person that just hates every kind of doctor no matter what. Well all except for dentist. So we went in there, got my teeth cleaned and before my teeth was getting cleaned I thought I was gonna die. Don’t know why I a man so afraid of doctors. When the visit to the dentist was done I went home and from there till like 8:00 nothing interesting happen except me playing games, get a shower and ate dinner. So then I went to write this blog and look at what a failure I am. So hope you enjoy this blog and sorry it was so short. I promise tomorrow’s blog is gonna be longer and STAY CHEESY PEOPLE!