Daily days (3)

Welcome back to the daily days and it is day 3 now, whooo. Today starts off with me waking up late instead of early because it’s a weekend. After I woke up I was about to play my violin, maybe practice some stuff then I practiced once and just gave up. I was also waiting for a phone call and funny thing about the phone call is that the phone never rang. The reason was because I was supposed to get my credit card in Friday but then was too busy, so I wanted to get it on Saturday. Later on I found out the bank doesn’t work on the weekends and I felt stupid for thinking it does.

So I never got the phone call and I just went to play games and just chilled downstairs. I te breakfast then played more games. It was just playing games all the way until lunch and after lunch I went to my friends house to have tutor. I got there at 1:30 and was expected to be learning  at 2:00. But then the teacher didn’t arrive until 3:00. So in the meantime me and my friend played some games then just try to do some crazy bottle flips. And funny thing I almost made the bottle go off the roof of the house an if it did I would most definitely be in a lot of trouble. And my only excuse would be “sorry sir….I tried to do an awesome bottle flip and kinda…accidentally..hit your head.” But lucky nothing bad happen and then we learned tutor physics. This lesson required more remembering than calculating so the whole 2 hours I mostly was reading the SMS thing over and over again.

My friend on the other hand was a better rememberer than I am and just completely sweep through the whole thing then just laughed at me while I struggle. Also the teacher wa laughing at me but at least she helped me with it. So then at 5:00 when tutor ended my friend and I went to his room and somehow manage to play football. He wanted to practice because he has a game on Tuesday and he wanted to try out some new skills. Pretty much only 1 or 2 of those skills work and the other end up in me tackling him and he getting injured. Lol. I wa laughing while he wasn’t happy and that’s just great. After that I went home and took a shower, ate dinner then played some more games. And that game time was horrible considering I lost 2 matches in a row. After that I just went to write these blogs.

Overall I had a great day and I hope you do too. So REMEMBER STAY CHEESY PEOPLE!!