Daily days (1)

This is the first daily days on this website. Super excited to make these blogs again.

Today was an amazing day if you don’t include the tests I had. In the morning I was supposed to have math but then suddenly out of nowhere the teacher said we are having a test. My friend and I were super confused because he never makes supervise tests and then the girls said the teacher told them and they forgot to tell us. At that time the only thing running through my mind was “how is this even fair, I mean we never knew about it so couldn’t prepare but the girls knew about it and were not at all worried.” So then both of us just yolo in the test and if I even get a point I would be glad because I didn’t know like 9/10 of the questions.

After that horrendous class we went to music class and I was the on,y boy in my class that plays the violin. I want embarrassed or anything because all the other guys respected that and I don’t really like guitar anyways. We were preparing for the assembly song and I kept playing the wrong notes. Also when I start to play good like after 2 or 3 more repeats I have a brain snap and forget everything I just did, so I start to mess up again.

Then next came science class. I wasn’t really excited because our old science teacher got fired for not-for-sure reasons and the school kept trying to find new teachers to replace him. They found this teacher and I wasn’t really excited because his teaching way is different from my old teacher. So then I survived science without falling asleep.

Next was recess, but nothing exciting happened in recess so I am just gonna skip it. After recess we went to English. We talked about our news report because we were learning about journalism and also talking about feature stories. Also if you have any good ideas for a feature story please tell me because I need an idea.

After English is history. In history we talked about the Middle Ages and the venn diagrams we did for homework. After that we talked about something related to the Middle Ages that I forgot. When he was explaining to us I usually wouldn’t fall asleep but for some reason this time I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. I was glad it ended before I went even sleepier.

We all then went to math. Math was fun considering my friends were talking about mostly about trying to get me a new laptop. After math was lunch, then chemistry.

In chemistry we had a test and boy did I tell you, that test was a challenge. I struggle with the first question but the other 2 I wasn’t so worried about.

Then we all went home, I rode my bike home. The way to my house is close but it is super dangerous. I was involved in a n accident once on that road and almost involved in like 20 accidents. So you can probably tell that I am a reckless biker. Once I got home I did the usual routine except for some reason I didn’t do my homework. After the routine I would go write blogs and then either review for an incoming test or just play some games.