Daily days (2)

Today was quite good and also one of the weirdest days I had. But what I am glad about today is the fact that it is Friday and that means no school for 2 days. It all started in the morning where we were supposed to have a biology test but instead the teacher was worried she might not be here for the next test so we had a biology test plus a earth science test. It was horrible and also stressful. I was surprised I even finished considering I had like 40 minutes to do 2 tests. I was confident on my biology test but for earth science I had hopes that I failed.

After that class ended we went to English. We discussed some stuff about our news report thing and then went to discuss about “the book thief.” We talked about that in groups then went to talk about it as a class. We also played jumble and it was fun.

When English ended we went to recess and nothing happen except I sat around and watch people play games. But after recess the boys went to art and the girls went to I.C.T. But something interesting did happen right before I went to art. I got a phone call and it was the bank talking about my credit card and he conversation betwen me and they other person got weird. Why you might ask? It was because in the background on my side my friends were being jerks and decided it was a good idea to make weird sounds and also pour milk on my head. I told him to call back at four but the bank close at 4 so I have to wait till tomorrow.

Art we continued our project and I was no where near done and also mine looks horrible it’s just not describable wilpth words. We then went to lifeskills. We continued working on our plan or essay of getting better grades and I made some progress this time unlike last week.

The next class was math. At math we went through the 2 pages of work we were supposed to do and if we did put finish it we would be having the test today. But luckily everyone in our class did it and we didn’t have a test. After going through that we pretty much had freetime. So when class ended we went to lunch. I’m gonna skip lunch so yeah.

After lunch we went to science and it was pretty usual. Drawing the carbon cycle and things like that. We were told our homework at the end then went to assembly. The assembly hall this time was surprisingly cold and I was expecting my feet to really hurt but it didn’t hurt that much. During this assembly the teacher talked about the rules of respecting teachers and being late. Now that there is a new being late rule I’m guessing there will be more people who will have to misss their first class.