Advancements in technology

img_0188Technology as we know has been getting better and better everyday as we speak. As you are reading this at least 1 new invention has been made somewhere around the world that you didn’t know about. Today’s main topic will be about the solar charger. I know to you guys this sounds crazy but I have found a picture of it on Pinterest and would love to share it with you guys.

This piece of technology is very handy because if you need any charging simply just plug it in then let it charge as long as there is sunlight towards it. I don’t know much about this interesting piece of technology but I will try my best to talk about it.

From what I would understand from this amazing looking piece of technology the solar goes in the device then stores up in there but if you hadn’t stored it up before hand just raise it to the sun. Then just plug in what you want to plug in and it would start working. But what I don’t understand is what if it overheats or something, would that affect the piece of device or maybe it won’t affect it.