Ending Hatred

Hatred is everywhere and also in every person. It would be unusual for a person to not have hatred and most the time we try to get rid of it. But have no idea how to get rid of them. Here are some ways to get rid of them or slow them down.

Find Inner Peace

Once you found your inner peace then you would be able to let go of the hate you hold. And not just that but you will also all be happy and all be friends once again.


Having a lot of anger stored up in your body isn’t a good thing, it’s like a bomb about to explode any moment. But once you release it to someone close, you would feel a lot better for sharing it and also they might help you.

Deal with the hate

If you wanna get rid of it then you would have to deal with it. If it’s a person you hate then go to that person and tell them how you feel about them (The hate). But if it’s something like an annoying sound or thing then you would just have to deal with it.

Excising and muscle relaxing

Wanna get rid of the anger productively? Well then a good way to do so is to exercise or try muscle relaxing. The exercise can help you manage your situation and the muscle relaxation can help focus on tensing the muscle and relaxing specific groups of it, distracting you from the hate for a while.

Stress Release toy

When you are mad and you have a squeezable toy next to you, what do you do? Well you should just squeeze it and pretend that the toy is the something that you really hate. T His would help some people more that others.



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