Nature’s Magic

These places all have something in common and that thing is that they all look like they were made by some kind of magical creature. They are just very cool and interesting places that maybe you wanna visit or not.

  1. The Segla Mountain in Senja, Norway is a beautiful and monstrous looking mountain located above the clouds. The way it is shaped and, who know maybe you wanna have a hiking trip up there.


2. The Pink Moss Bridges in Ireland is a beautiful pink garden. It looks like the perfect place for a romantic date with someone.


3. Ever wanted to go to a magical place? Well you can right now because of this place in Japan. The Biei River in Hokkaido,Japan.


4. Wanna have a picture taken in a tunnel that would look like it’s from a movie or something. Pretending to maybe be a goblin or magical creature in this tunnel. The Old Road, Ballynoe, County Down, Northern Ireland.


5. Similar to the Old Road is the Natural Rhododendron tunnels in Reenagross Park, Kenmare, Ireland. These tunnels look like some magical spell was cast on these trees to make them form that and the flowers on there would be a perfect carpet. image510





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