Forests’ True Form

Ever wanted to find a good place to get a picture so you can brag to your friends or family about your awesome adventures. Well here are some places that you could try but some might not be allowed in.

  1. The Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan not only has an amazing looking waterfall but also has a great forest. This is an amazing place for a place to take a picture maybe for a wedding or something.

    2.This is the Heaven’s Gate located in China. It is surrounded by amazing forest and leads up to a mountain that is known to the Chinese as the gates of heaven.


    3. The Fairy pools on the Isle of Skye, Scotland is a amazing river that is surrounded by purple trees. It’s like a magical place except in real life.


4. The Icy blue forest in Hokkaido, Japan looks like this only in the winter time. Where the trees will freeze up and then they would turn to these beautiful things over here.


5.The Bigar Cascade Falls in Nera Beusnita Gorges National Park, Romania is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. And that hut over there would be a perfect place to spend the day at and have a relaxing time.



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