The Rebound (relationship)

It sucks being a rebound especially when it last like less than a week. How to know if you are a rebound or not? Well I will explain about that right here.

Test subject “A” is the one that just broke up

Test subject “B” is the rebound or other partner

What is a rebound?

A rebound in relationship language is when one person that just recently been out of a relationship go date another person and once the one that just broke up feels better or forgets about the break up they would dump the other person and get back in the game.

Example:  A just been out of a relationship lately and she wants to get back into dating other people quickly and have an idea of how to. B is a desperate guy that is looking for a relationship and doesn’t care about how long it will last. A knows this and she takes advantage of it then dates B. After less than a week A is feeling all better and forgot about the break up, now because of B, being the rebound. So A dumps B and goes back to dating people of her type. B is left there regretting ever dating A.

Is it good to be a rebound or not?

Being a rebound is possibly the worst thing in relationships. I know how it feels because I’ve been there and it wasn’t pretty. If you know you are the rebound you must try to ruin that person by making them feel worse about the break up and keep talking about it.

Are rebound relationships bad or good?

Rebound relationships can be good for some people but most the time they hate it. You probably won’t hate it at first because you don’t know you are in one and also you are having a great time too. But once the other person is done you would start to feel stupid for it.

How long can they last?

Rebound relationships don’t have a time of when it will end. It all depends on how hurt the other person is. If they are really hurt then it would definitely last a long time but if the pain is at a low rate then it probably won’t last long at all.


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