Nature’s colors

These are amzing views of nature in a new form which include a lot of colors. This is beautiful to most people but some people might not lke this and we all respect that. Enjoy.

  1. The glass beach in MacKerricher State Park, near Fort Bragg, California, USA is litteraylly a beach that is filled with glass. I know that this really isn;t that mysch of nature but it kind has the good colors with it especially the mountains and the sun.


2.The Columnar basalt on the Iceland coast is s rsther scay but kind of beautiful place. This is what true nature would look like. The colors and everything just goes good together it just makes this amazing.


3. The Nabiyotum Crater in Lake Turkana, Kenya is a huge crater surround by a green lake, is what it looks like. We mainly are focusing on the lake and it’s color blending with the mountain or crater.image3(8).JPG

4. The Red Tsing of Antsiranana, Madagascar is a stone formation of red laterite formed by erosion of the Irodo River in the region of Diana in northern Madagascar. The colors of the mountain is just really blending to the terrain. image4(8).JPG5. This island called Maui in Hawaii is a very beautiful place to watch the sunset or sunrise. The way the sky looks and the actual island just makes it perfect. image5(8).JPG


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