The truth for tv addiction

Some people love tv so much they can’t seem to stop watching it. But do you know how they got addicted to watching tv so much?

Good shows/tv programs

When you watch tv and you see a program you really enjoy then you would probably keep wanting to watch it more. To the person watching the tv it might not seem like a long time but to others they notice that you have been watching tv for a long time.


The quality of tv right now is as good as ever. Some programs are well made and have good quality. Television isn’t like before where it used to be all black and white or not good programs.


People get addicted to tv because they trust what’s on it. Tv programs like BBC or CNN or other shows people watch and they trusty that these things are real or have facts in them. Some people even trust tv more than internet videos.


The television is gaining in size every single day. And people like to watch on huge screens and they can use it to watch movies or watch things they like with a big size tv unlike before where there were only the small box tv.


Kids usually get addicted to tv because of cartoons, it might be because of the cartoon being educational or it being entertaining. It is good that they are watching educational tv programs and also watch entertaining ones too, maybe to refresh their brains.


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