Charm Of The Mountains

The beautiful views of a mountain is very nice. But some are very beautiful and some are just horrible. This is a list of 5 pictures that have mountains in them and what I think on how they look. Next “The views” about worse looking mountain based picture.

  1. The mountains located in Tuscany, Italy is a very animated looking mountain. To some people this can look like some kind of thing from a cartoon but it is not. The green color really brings out the beauty of this picture.


2. This is autumn in Los Glaciers National Park Patagonia, Argentina. The way there’s a mountain and the red tress don’t really fit together but the view still looks great and would I would love to be there in person.


3. People know mountains to be a dull color mind of thing but not the people in China. The magical rainbow mountains at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu, China is a very exotic kind of mountain. The way it is colored and the background fits perfectly.


4. This waterfall in the mountains of Molokai, Hawaii is a very green and blue place. The way the mountains surround a waterfall and what it looks like is great. It just fits perfectly together.


5.  The Azores Islands located in Portugal is a perfect place to live at. You can make a house in the middle of that lake and be completely surrounded by mountains which can be a kind of protection for you. It also is a very beautiful place just to be at.



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