Announcement: Yesterday and half of today was amazing for me. I was able to get 25 likes in total and it’s all thanks to you viewers, if it weren’t for you then I wouldn’t even be here right now. Just wanted to show how grateful I am to see this many likes on a blog.

Let’s get back to topic, today’s information paper is gonna be about improving one’s reflexes. Improving reflexes can be difficult for many people and can take a lot of time to actually improve.

Ball training

To i prove your reflexes you must first start with throwing a rubber ball to a wall fast and trying to catch it. This will improve how quickly your eyes react to a moving object and just the right amount of training you might be able to stop a punch.

Forest running

You could also start with something simple like running in a forest or just run in a place with a lot of nature surrounding you. This will improve the speed or your eyes and like the first one with a lot of training you can master it.

Fatty foods

According to Alan C. Logan, author of “The Brain Diet,” eating fatty foods can increase the mental awareness of a human being and also the reflexes of one. But eating too much will actually make it all worse and you would slow down.

Mirror movements

You wanna improve on your reflexes? Then try to follow exactly how someone moves to see how fast you can react to it. It might be hard at first but then it gets easier as you do it and soon you can mirror someone’s movement exactly as to how they do it.

Improve focus

Improving your focus can also be a major deal with improving reflexes. When you have improved focus you can see the speed of something coming at you then you can dodge it or counter it. A good way to have better focus is to use a pen then look and it. Stretch your hand out fully holding the pen then look at the pen and after that look across the room. This will make your focus much better.




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