The views

Beautiful places is back except this time, it’s got a new name. “The Views” features outstanding looking places that you probable have never seen before. These also aren’t listed from best to worst and the numbers are just for keeping count.

  1. This is an elephant sculpture on a bunch of rocks, if you didn’t notice. It’s brilliant how the people were able to sculpt this piece of art without all of it falling apart. This is located in India.


2. This lake with a mountain in the background is called the crystal lake in the enchantments located in Washington, USA. This would be a great place to take a family photo then post it so you can make the people who didn’t go jealous. image2(6).JPG

3. This amazing view of the mountains is perfect. If this was made into a painting, that painting would be sold for a good price. These kind of views are hard to find but when you find them they will be worth the wait. It’s the Alpstein located in Eastern Switzerland.image3(6).JPG

4. Many people don’t like going to places like church, unless they are from Isfahan, Iran. This view of the church glass is amazingly designed. You can tell that a lot of time, effort and thought was put into this piece of art.


5. Not many people like nature, especially since we had technology. But if you have been on many adventures and you stumble across this you would be amazed. Looks like mother nature had a taste in art too. Check it out, it’s called the Monument Valley, Arizona, USA.







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