There are people that go insane. People sometimes go insane and we don’t know the reason that cause them to go insane.


Stress can be a common cause for people going insane. When they are so stress that they can’t tell the difference between reality and what is going on. They would start imagining things and then would be considered insane or mad.

What they say/research

When people do research or say something and then they tell others some people would consider what you are saying as something insane. They would think something is wrong with you and would start to worry.

Working somewhere you hate

Normally when you start a job you would be all happy and not having a single thing to worry about. But later on when you start to dislike the job you would be that person that keeps complaining about your job. The people around you would probably start to worry about you and you would be left there as the insane, crazy person.

Wedding planning

People almost all the time would go insane when trying to plan their own wedding. There’s just so many things that could go wrong and you would have to take care of them. If someone doesn’t go insane because of wedding planning then they must be a strong person.

Family Vacations

Even though family vacations are fun there are many time when they can make you turn crazy. They can get out of hand and then they would drive they whole family insane and the people around would start to wonder.


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