The blogger’s true fear

Some people that like blogging have nightmares or fear. There are many fears that a bloggers have and you might not even know them.


The main thing that bloggers fear is competition. For small bloggers it is simple to fear they might not grow because of the competition they are going against. They would think that they would never grow because all the people are focusing on the big guys. But that isn’t true because they will find your blog and reading it.

Not knowing enough

Some bloggers are afraid that if they blog about some kind of information they are afraid that they might exclude some important information and then the viewers would lose interest. But don’t worry because you can’t possibly include all the information into a blog unless you make like a hundred on that one subject and also you have to spend a lot of time on it too.

Guest posting

When bloggers try to guest post their own blog what they are afraid of most is getting rejected. When they get rejected like this they would feel let down and then would lose their blogging passion.


A common fear can also be time. For some people they would complain about all the issues that they are dealing with and then the blogging just go away and would sometimes even forget about it so then they would stop it forever.

Lack of encouragement

When they do or make a hobby like blogging it’s important to have something like encouragement. If they don’t have it they would not feel the need to write blogs anymore and then would give up.


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