Some people like vampires and some are afraid of them. But even for the fans of vampire, they won’t know all these facts. If you do know all 15 pf these interesting facts then you have my approval to be called vampire master.

  1. A group a vampires has variously been called a clutch, brood, coven, pack, or a clan.
  2. The most popular vampire in children’s fiction in recent years had been Bunnicula, the cute little rabbit that lives a happy existence as a vegetarian vampire.
  3. Some historians argue that Prince Charles is a direct descendant of the Vlad the Impaler, the son of Vlad Dracula.
  4. By the end of the twentieth century, over 300 motion pictures were made about vampires, and over 100 of them featured Dracula. Over 1,000 vampire novels were published, most within the past 25 years.
  5. Mermaids can also be vampires—but instead of sucking blood, they suck out the breath of their victims.
  6. The legend that vampires must sleep in coffins probably arose from reports of gravediggers and morticians who described corpses suddenly sitting up in their graves or coffins. This eerie phenomenon could be caused by the decomposing process.
  7. Chinese vampires are depicted in movies as hopping around because in the Qing Dynasty people used to pay ‘corpse carriers’ to return dead migrants to their hometowns.
  8. The ancient Greeks believed that gingers turn into vampires when they die.
  9. A physics professor proved mathematically that vampires could not exist since, if they fed once a month and each victim became a vampire, within two and a half years the entire population of the earth would be one.
  10. According to a Romanian legend, you’ll need a 7-year-old boy and a white horse to find a Vampire.
  11. Malaysian vampires are tiny monsters that burrow into people’s heads and force them to talk about cats.
  12. The name “vampire” comes from the Albanian “dhampir” which means “to drink with teeth”.
  13. In parts of India, Vampire prostitutes are believed to enter a man’s house naked in the night and suck his blood through his toes.
  14. 19th century New Englanders became convinced that tuberculosis was caused by the recently deceased draining the living of life energy, and dug up cemeteries and burnt corpses in order to end the “vampire” menace.
  15. In 17th/18th century Poland, they buried their dead with sickles over their necks if they suspected them of being vampires.

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