Breakup’s True Light

Break ups, there are one of the worst things anyone could go through. They are difficult to deal with and are also to make it into words for the other partner to understand. But not all the time you know why this is happening, even though the most famous phrase in a break up is ‘it’s not you, it’s me.” So I’m here to actually give reasonable reasons.


I seen many relationships that get ruined because of the disapproval of parents. These are probably because your parents didn’t like the choice you have made or they are in a bad mood causing you to be a victim. So don’t be surprise when you hear that your break-up was cause by the parents.

Lack of inclusiveness and lack of trust

When you are in a relationship where one of the partner is making another partner not feel inclusive then don’t have hopes of the relationship lasting too long just because the otehr partner will eventually get sick of it then give it up. Also not trusting each other can be a problem because they will feel like you don’t trust them with something and the result would be them leaving you.

Loss of passion

At the beginning of every relationship it’s always the usual challenging each other, talk to each other a lot and just have passion in your love. But as the the relationship goes on if one of the partner loses passion in the relationship then you guys would go from being fun to being boring folks watching tv. Passion is what keeps a relationship last long.

Bad partner

When I say bad partner, I mean the kind of partner that is abusive and is a cheater. One of the cause of the break up might be that one of the partner is having another partner or that partner likes to abuse their power then sooner or later the other partner find out that you are cheating so then they would end it right away or try to mess with you.

Too much changed

When in a relationship that both partners are from different worlds. And I don’t mean one coming from mars and one coming from earth, No. What I mean is that if one is from the a rich spot and the other from a average spot. Then one of them would get sucked into another person’s world and would completely change them. When realizing that they have been sucked into another person’s life they would end it so they can return to their normal life again and probably find someone around their world.


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