People forget all the time right? Then it won’t be much of a surprise when you were assigned to do something and then all a sudden just forget what just happened. And usually you have no idea why you are forgetting so much, is it because you hit your head or something. Well let’s explore together of this topic.

Factors that can lead to it.

Sometimes the reason to you forgetting so much might just be because of the things you take into your body. This can range from not eating the right thing to drug/alcohol abuse. Those things can decrease the memory of someone and that is not a good thing.

Lack of sleep

When you forget something the first thing that should pop up in your head would be, did I get enough sleep? If not then you should know why you are forgetting things so easily but if that also isn’t the reason then you should read on or do some research yourself.

Stress + anxiety

If you are the person that is has a lot of stress or anxiety then you would have memory problems. Stress and anxiety both cause issue to the memory. You won’t be able to concentrate on the topic and would get distracted away from it then would have memory issue.


Depression can also play a big role when it comes memory loss. Any signs of depression can cause the human to forget things quicker than they already are.

Lack of exercise

It is obvious that if you aren’t excising enough then you won’t get the blood pumping around your body quick enough so then the blood won’t get to your brain quick enough and can cause to forgetting a lot. This can explain why people that exercise a lot have less problems with memory loss.




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