Flower’s beauty

Everybody  loves flowers(maybe except people that are allergic to them) and we have seen pretty flowers. But do you know the there are other flowers that you might not know of but exists.


This is a tall flower that is around 4 feet tall. They consists of many flowers around each other, they are mainly grown in the sub-Saharan Africa, mostly South Africa. Gladiolus flower..jpg


These flowers are wedding flowers and is named after a nymph named Syringe. The lilac signifies love and the white ones mean innocence. They also could stand for confidence and pride.lilac.jpg


The statice are flowers that are rich in color and are sometimes called the sea lavender. This is because of how much they are common to the lavender.


Queen Anne’s Lace

This flower is named after Queen Anne, the queen of England. She was given a challenge to make a lace as beautiful as a flower. She pricked her hand on this flower and then it got named after her. The red and purple in the middle symbolize the blood drop.

Queen anne lace.jpg

Bird Of Paradise

This flower looks like a bird from a specific angle. These flowers can be found in yellow, pink, purple, orange, and white and blue. It also symbolizes freedom, magnificence, good perspective.

bird of paradise flower.jpg



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