Honesty Signs

When it comes to honesty there are many people that have an issue with them. Some people are too honest and then some people can get hurt from it and there are some people who always lie but not many people get hurt but when the truth comes out that puts them in a speechless position. Here are some ways to tell if someone is honest or not.


If someone is being honest with something they would usually speak longer about it and let you know all the details. But if they are being a bit shady then you would usually know that something is up and would want them to tell the truth.

Eye Contact

If they are being honest then they would have no problem looking you in the eye right? And yes I know there are some people that just can’t look other people in the eye but for people that can look other people in the eye they won’t have a problem with this. They would look you straight in the eye and say it instead of trying to look at something else.

Body language

If someone is looking a little nervous or scared then they are hiding something that they don’t want you to know. You can probably tell from the body language, if they are shaking a little or try to find something to do wile there is a conversation happening then you should instantly ask what’s going on.

Normal speaking

If they are speaking in not complete sentences and tend to struggle when speaking then they are hiding something. This doesn’t apply to people who are new to a language or isn’t a good speaker. But if you know they can speak the language fluently then all a sudden hear them speak with incomplete sentences or can sense nervousness in their voice then ask what’s up with them.

Overstating argument

When you are making an argument or telling something you would not wanna overstate it and it be worse if they found out that you overstating fake information. This won’t help you or the person you are talking to, you are just gonna complicate things even more.


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