This is gonna be a little helper in the whole having the courage to ask a girl out on a first date and this is for if it’s your first time doing it. I know it is a difficult thing to a lot of people but once you build up enough courage doing it will be a piece of cake.


When you wanna build up your courage to ask out this girl then you must think the good side. Ignore all the bad things that might happen and instead just focus your mindset on the good things that might happen and only focus on that. IF you focus on the bad parts then you will feel scared and end up embarrassing yourself when you ask out this girl.


Once you have figured out what is causing you to be scared or know the situation you are gonna get in then you should start planning. Then you would make a solid plan about this like maybe how you gonna ask or when or where. Depends on you and then you follow the plan and if something goes wrong then you should just improvise.


With this tactic you are changing you will use your imagination and creative thinking. Maybe it is like improvising a little. The goal of this is gonna be to make that reality turn into your own fantasy.

Be unique

If you are asking a girl out then you would try to do it in a way other people have never tried before. This is good because you are being unique and it won’t be too simple or too boring and all that thanks to a unique question or way of asking.

Turn obstacles into opportunities

When you are facing obstacles and you can’t get rid of it then you should just turn it to an advantage of yourself. What could be better than a little opportunity to make something happen once you meet an obstacle.





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