Bad habits

Everyone has bad habits and they can sometimes be helpful but most the time they just gonna be either annoying or have impacts on life. And most the time you want to get rid of them but don’t know how to. Here are some ways to get rid or not do them so much:


To get rid of the habit you must keep reminding yourself about it. Keep a daily reminder or alarm clock about this habit and soon you wouldn’t need a reminder and instead would just not do that habit anymore.


You might need help if you wanna remove or get rid of a bad habit. So you would need the encouragement of people and would need to ignore the hate people give to you. Then maybe accomplishing that goal is gonna be easier than it already is.


Give rewards for one day going without doing the habit. You would not only feel good but also feel accomplished because the rewards you get is going to help you a lot and make you feel to keep going on this goal.

One at a time

When trying to get rid of a bad habit then you must set a small goal. Such as trying to get rid of one habit at a time instead of trying to multitask and try to get rid of many bad habits at the same time. Just get rid of one at a time.

Start and Avoidance

When you try to kill a habit you first must track to when and how that habit had started. Once you figured that out you must try to avoid whatever it is and also avoid trying to do the habit. Example is if you have a habit of biting you nails when you are nervous then when you get nervous try to think of something that would make you not nervous or chew something else.



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