Secrets of worms

Worms are disgusting animals that not many people like. But they can kinda be helpful sometimes. But there are some things that you might not know about these wiggly little creatures.

  • Just talking about earth worms there are about 2700 different kinds of them
  • The largest earth worm was found in South Africa and it is measured 22 feet (6.7056m) form the front tip to the tail
  • Worms are cold blooded
  • One earth worm is both female and male producing sperm and eggs
  • The glaciers from Canada that got to 46 states wiped out all the earth worms in that area
  • A fully sized earth worm can vary depending on species but they can vary from half an inch to 10 feet
  • Worms grow sex organs within the first two or three months of life and reach full size in about a year.
  • Worms can eat up from half to 1 times their body weight
  • Earth worms can regenerate almost every part of their body
  • Earth worms not only spend most of their lives helping plants but they also play a big role in the food chains
  • Earth worms don’t have lungs so for them to breathe they would use their skin
  • They have no eyes but they sense the light using their front
  • Studies have shown that earth worm like creatures have been around for about half a billion years
  • Earthworms are on every continent except Antarctica. They even live in some oceans.
  • The worms that you might find being sold as fish bait are called angleworms.
  • Worms can dig down over 6 feet underneath the surface of the soil.
  • Each small part of the body of the earthworm (segments) are covered with hair like bristles that are used by the worms for wriggling through dirt.
  • These same bristles allow worms to sense touch.
  • We are 75% water. Earthworms are 90% water.
  • Over a million earthworms are found in every single acre of land.

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