Relationship tragedy

At this point you must start to realize some things.  A lot of the things you dream of doing probably aren’t going to happen. This is the reality and it will ruin your day all the time. So maybe here are 30 ways so you can deal with the reality or to know about the reality.

  1. The problems are still here but at least it’s going to be easier.
  2. You must be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Ignore the reality and just carry on
  4. Accept it but don’t act
  5. You can have chemistry with anybody
  6. Don’t ignore the things about that person
  7. Break the big overwhelming situations into smaller pieces that are easier to deal with
  8. Don’t accept judgments from other people
  9. Focus on the present, ignore the future or past
  10. Make a list of the things that you want to accept.
  11. Be happy about it
  12. Make a habit of looking at things through a positive mindset.
  13. Find the lesson behind the story and you will be happy
  14. Be sure accepting it doesn’t mean giving up on it
  15. Remember everything takes time, accepting it might not take overnight but it sure will take not a year
  16. Accepting isn’t the same as forgiveness
  17. Remember that acceptance isn’t going to make the pain go away, but it will reduce it
  18. Admit it, sometimes all you see in your partner is probably just disgust but you have to get through it
  19. Your friends aren’t always going to like your partner and maybe keep it that way
  20. You guys won’t always feel attracted to each other.
  21. They are going to be talking a lot about other people too
  22. You will have some doubts in the relationship and try not to ignore them because they can be the explanation to the break up
  23. Love to a lot of people is the cause of all beauty but to a lot of people it also is the cause of all pain
  24. If you are certain that you won’t fall into any relationship traps then you are CRAZY
  25. Some days you just really have to try harder than other days to hate your partner
  26. Even your partners loveliest and most beautiful trait can be annoying to you sometimes but you will just have to go with it or step out
  27. Your partner for sure isn’t going to fill your gap of happiness so keep in mind you don’t just get a girlfriend or boyfriend and then just completely forget about friends because  they are the remains to fill the gap
  28. Loving someone doesn’t mean you love every detail about your partner, but as you guys grow, you grow to just forget about those details
  29. When things are bad, you must really want to leave your partner for someone else but don’t, just give it time or step out before drowning
  30. You must always choose to put in as much effort as possible, more and more each day if you want a long term relationship

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