Before getting serious

When in a relationship you must know a few things before you guys wanna get serious. Some of these are important and some aren’t as important though.

  1. One of the partners must meet the other person’s partner at least once to make sure first.
  2. Both of the partners before a relationship must know what the definition of a relationship is. This must be known before being in a relationship.
  3. Knowing about each other’s social life is needed so that you can know more about your partner in any circumstance.
  4. You both must determine if you guys fit into each other’s present and future or not, think clearly about this one because it might be needed for a long relationship.
  5. You rely on your partner like as if they are your best friend.
  6. You guys aren’t embarrassed when people tease you about being in a couple even if you aren’t one yet.
  7. There isn’t a bad time to say ‘I love you’
  8. You will find out how much you like them as a person and not just a crush.
  9. You guys cuddle with each other and there is never a bad time for it.
  10. When a fight occurs they are more scary than any other fights you have been with any of your previous girlfriends.
  11. You guys don’t care what each other wear.
  12. Not stressed out what each other look like ever.
  13. You guys are friends with your partner’s friends.
  14. You know things your partner would only trust you to know.
  15. You trust each favorite topics like favorite food, etc..
  16. You guys take pictures together and put it on social media.
  17. You are always making time for each other.
  18. You hang out a lot.
  19. Are you guys annoyed of each other’s habit, because if so then it’s not a good idea then.

Are you guys physically attracted to each other


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