Bears are dangerous animals. Some are more dangerous than others and some are more cuddly than others. But there are some things that you might not know about these bears. These facts might surprise you but some might not.

  1. Bears are extraordinarily intelligent animals. They have far superior navigation skills to humans, excellent memories, large brain to body ratio, and use tools in various contexts from play to hunting.
  2. The largest mammalian carnivore that ever lived on land was the giant short-faced bear. Twice the size of the biggest modern bear, it was 6′ 5″ tall at the shoulder when standing on all fours. Scientists believe it had very long legs and chased antelope on the North American prairies. It died around 12,000 years ago.
  3. Bears can run up to 40 miles per hour, fast enough to catch a running horse. The fastest known human alive today is Usain Bolt, who can run 27mph(43.4523km/h).
  4. The bear that a person living in North America is most likely to run into is the black bear. They live in wooded areas in every Canadian province, many U.S. states, and parts of Mexico.
  5. The giant panda has a large head for its body. Scientists believe this is because it needs a strong jaw and neck muscles to eat bamboo, which makes up 99% of its diet. The remaining 1% consists of insects on the bamboo and dead meat that the panda may find.
  6. Bears have been known to eat almost anything, including snowmobile seats, engine oil, and rubber boots.
  7. About 98% of the grizzly bear population in the U.S. lives in Alaska.
  8. A polar bear can swim up to 100 miles without resting.
  9. The word “bear” is an Old English word, derived from the Proto-Indo-European *bher-, meaning “bright brown.”
  10. The bear ancestor is an offshoot of the ancient Canidae family of dogs, wolves, foxes, and coyotes.
  11. In 2008, a Canadian man was attacked by a grizzly bear. He survived the attack by playing dead, even when the bear began to gnaw on his scalp. The bear eventually lost interest and went away.
  12. Spectacled bears are the only wild bears that live in South America.
  13. North America is home to three of the world’s eight bear species: brown, American black, and polar bears. Almost two thirds of the bears in the world live in North America.
  14. Polar bears have a thick coat with 9,677 hairs per square inch.
  15. Sloth bears are the only bears that are more active at night.
  16. The Ursa Major or “Great Bear” constellation is the third-largest constellation.
  17. Polar bears are the largest land predators on earth. They can stand more than 11′ high and weigh more than 1,700 lbs(771.107kg).
  18. The giant panda has been described as a living fossil because it is such an ancient animal.
  19. Only about 1,000 giant pandas live in the wild today.
  20. The Asiatic black bear has the largest ears of any species of bears.
  21. The black bear Ursus americanus is the smallest bear yet most common in North America. With an estimation of 750,000.
  22. Male polar bears can weigh up to 680 kg (1500 lb).
  23. Polar bears have 42 teeth.
  24. The polar bear was the mascot for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada.
  25. Polar bears can reach speeds up to 40 kph (25 mph) on land and 10 kph (6 mph) in water.

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