Road accidents

Many times when traveling on the road you would usually see an accident happening. These are very common in many countries. Sometimes you might wonder, how did this happen or when did this happen. Also sometimes if you are the one involved in it, you would wonder how can I deal with this.

How it might happen:

Distracted driver and speeding

When a driver is distracted while driving, the results most of the time would involve in a crash. But what’s worse than a distracted driver, a driver that is distracted and is speeding. The would always end up in maybe a bunch of flips or another car losing half of itself. This is what happens when you ignore the speed limit and not follow the rules.

Drunk driving

When you are drunk you lose the ability to focus and function properly. It’s difficult enough to stand straight while drunk and compare that to driving. The result is obviously a crash, these are happening all around the world because of having alcohol in you while driving.

Night driving

It is dangerous enough for people to drive on the day but night it’s worse. At night it would be harder to see ahead of the road so if there is something in the middle of the road, trying to dodge it can result in an accident happening but if you have good eyes and is still young then maybe this isn’t such a big deal.

Reckless driving

If you don’t drive carefully then you would end up in a accident. Reckless drivers don’t care about anything and they are often impatient especially in traffic where they try to get out of it and end up hitting somebody or another accident.


When driving when there’s snow or on ice or when there’s a storm you would usually end up in an accident. These things can make it hard for you to see the road or make it hard to stay stable.

Running red lights and stop signs

For people that don’t obey the stop signs or red lights. These people aren’t just endangering themselves but also endangering other people’s lives too. When you run the red light or stop sign another vehicle will highly likely hit you and you would blame them even though it’s your fault.

Holes in the road

When you are driving at a high speed or is still new to driving then having holes or potholes in the road would just lead to an accident. You would lose the grip and would hit another person’s vehicle.


The fog can become a big issue because when there’s a fog you would have to be extra cautious because it’s hard to see in a fog. It’s not easy for people to drive in the fog because that just increases the chance of them being involved in an accident.

Tire blowouts

These can happen unexpectedly and can’t be anyone’s fault unless they got really bad tires on purpose. When there would be a tire blowout then you would lose control of the vehicle and then would be dangerous to the people around you.

Animal crossing

These usually happen somewhere around the country side. When an animal just try to cross the road and you are going at high speed. Some people wold try to avoid the animal and then end up in a crash but there’s other people that know if they try avoiding it they might crash. So they just hit the animal and there’s gonna be another crash.



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