Team work or not?

Team work is a important thing especially when it comes to business or school work. But not all the time team work can be great. They can sometimes be the cause of a lot of issues. So here we are to discuss the disadvantages and advantages of team work.


The advantage of team work can be many things but here are 5 of them.


When working in a group you want to finish quickly without many or any mistakes at all. This is why we have teamwork, to improve the efficiency of things. The more people working on a project the faster it will get done and gathering materials for it won’t be hard since you have a whole team to help you with it.

More ideas

If you have a big group it usually isn’t hard to find a lot of ideas. It usually is a simple task just because a lot of people means a lot of ideas. After gathering all the ideas then you can vote for the best one and sooner or later you already have a good head start.

Better quality

When there is a lot of people you would definitely know that it is gonna be better in quality.You would have more people concentrate on the project and all would be divided equally and then you would have a well constructed project in no time.

New perspective

When working in a team you wouldn’t just be doing the same thing you would do if you are working individually. The main reasons you are in a group would be gaining a new perspective on things. You would be learning new ways of doing things while working in a team.

Playing your strength

Since you are in a group the work is gonna be divided equally among the groups. So if you were assigned a topic or part that you are good at then you would get to show to people how good you are at that part. Then they would get to see the real you through your work.


These are the 5 disadvantages of working  in a team.

Unequal participation and involvement

While there might be a equal division in some groups, there are other groups where there are just group members that don’t get assigned a job or piece of work to do. This can make the people who are doing work mad or jealous because they tried so hard and in the end we all receive the same amount of credit.

Arguments between members

This is a pretty common issue in most groups just because we are people and there is always gonna be argument no matter where you are at. This can have many causes and is always what slow a group down from making a lot of progress.

Too agreeable

When teams that literally agree with anything can be an issue. They can be an issue because when you agree to everything there won’t be a person that stands up and points out the mistake. So there will be a lot of mistakes if the team is too agreeable but there are of course exceptions sometimes.

Lack of productivity

We all know that quote “the more the merrier.” But in some cases this isn’t exactly the case in this situation because sometimes having a lot of people is an issue because they can get in your way and if they don’t understand something they would just keep asking you and it just becomes annoying.

Too many perspective

With too many perspective it can be hard for people to choose an idea. You can have too many good ideas and the perspective it can be time wasting just trying to figure out which one to choose. But for individuals you can just think of an idea and if you lie it just choose it.






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