Remember things easily

When having a test or learning for a test the most frustrating thing would be that you can’t just seem to remember it no matter how hard you try and you would probably die or boredom too. So why not try some wacky ways that just might help you remember these things.


If I have a lot of reading to do for a test I would tend to just make a little summary of the things that are important. Maybe make a little summary tree if that can help. Once having a summary of your work, you would find it less stressful because it looks less and you just have to get the  idea of it and then explain when on the test about that topic and then be happy.

Late night study

For some people waking up in the early morning to learn is a good idea but this is for the people that like learning at night. Some people would learn a few hours before they go to sleep and then around 45 minutes before they sleep they would listen to some calm music and then go to sleep. This would calm the mind from any peer pressure that would make you forget the things you remembered.


When you try to remember something you must first record it while you are memorizing it. After recording it you will keep listening to it and try memorizing it with the recorder. It will help you memorize it and not just let it be a short term memory thing.

Happy place

It is commonly known that depression has lead to memory issues, having a good memory doesn’t just require a lot of reading but it requires a positive mind set. The positive mind set makes your brain release a kind of chemical in the brain that involves the memory.


Use your imagination and be creative when it comes to being able to memorize things. You can try turning what you read into a little short story maybe or you can just make a little rhythm out of it. So when you know the rhythm or story or whatever way you did it then you would remember what you read.


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