Conversation Topics

When in a conversation you would usually run out of things to say.  After running out of topics then everything would just get awkward and if it’s your crush they would think you are boring. Here are maybe some ideas to maybe not make it so awkward.


When running out of ideas what’s the first topic you talk about? For me it’s probably about food. This topic is a natural topic and have no limit. You won’t have a boring conversation when you are talking about food especially if you know what kinds of foods to talk about. Maybe favorite restaurants or favorite food or something and then you got yourself a conversation.


When having a conversation and you want to get to know your partner’s past self, then what better way to do that than talking about your past experiences with your partner. It might get weird but at least you get to you two would know each other more and you won’t be as judgemental when you progress into the relationship.


I know, this topic is a risky one just because not many people like to talk about school. But if there are no other choices then you should maybe just talk a little bit about school or school work. That little conversation can turn into a big conversation if your partner is interested at all.

Deep conversations

If you don’t have a good conversation starter then maybe just start talking about some deep stuff. Maybe share some secrets with each other and talk about them. Or you can simply just talk behind people’s back and keep trying to make it to a conversation.

Personal issues

If you really are stuck and can’t think of a topic then maybe just tell the other person somethings like maybe your personal issues and maybe they can help you with solving them or dealing with them. It’s always a good feeling to let the bad feeling out not just to yourself but also to others.


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