Robbing people is never a good thing to do. On no circumstance that robbery is a good thing but do you know the reasons  why people do robbery. There is the really obvious reason that would be having not enough money, but there are other reasons too and I will tell them to you.

Filling emotional holes

In some cases people choose to steal is because they want to fill an emotional hole. They would steal when they suffer grief or loss to try to recover from an emotional issue. Stealing doesn’t solve  grief so the person would keep stealing more and more.

Feeling insecure

They would steal also because of feeling insecure. When learning that stealing is not the key to forming love and happiness relationship with the people you to earn respect. They would feel like wanting to take other people’s properties and would keep doing it.


People get greedy all the time. Everybody has felt it before even I have too. This also apply to a lot of people that take greed too far and take it to stealing. They would steal from other people and as you know greed grows. It will make the person keep stealing and they wouldn’t stop.

Young minds

When you are young and still playful you would tend to do crazy and dumb stuffs. So when you are still under the 20s you may have the feeling to steal, maybe to prove you are good enough to hang with friends or other reasons.

Getting an emotional “high”

Similar to drugs stealing can make you high. This is a different kind of high, this high is the adrenaline rush that you can get away with stealing. So they feel confident to keep doing it and always know they will get away.



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