Why people don’t want to get social

People always have excuses to stay inside and don’t wanna go out to the open world. Well there are some people that just don’t wanna interact with anybody at all.There are many reasons and some of them won’t even be obvious to you.

The let down

When people get let down so much that they would actually give up on trying to be social and making friends. They must be able to have courage again to be able to be social again. For some people it might take longer than others just because they been hurt too much but for the ones that aren’t hurt that much would take less time.


When trying to be social people tend to have too much pressure in them. Especially trying to make new friends then you would be in high pressure because you never met them and you don’t know what to say when trying to make a conversation.

Too much inside

When staying inside so much that you can’t even have any courage to go outside. Those people stayed inside so much that they don’t wanna come out and if they did they probably wouldn’t be able to communicate because of the lack of social skills. They would sometimes even be afraid of people.


When in a group of a lot of people you tend to feel like you are different. When feeling this so often you would just give up and not want to try to join society anymore. They would feel like they are left out of group activities and would feel let down.


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